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Antheos by Blk Sapphire Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 0]

It is the year 2113 and in this time in history humankind has become more aware of the wonders of the universe and who else inhabits it, but they are not aware of everything. April Inoue has been living the past century working for S.T.a.R as their most highly trained assassin and during this time has given up on believing that her younger sister, Siobhan, is alive after a horrific encounter with their father Chaos a century prior. Then on June 30th 2113, a man by the name of James Alyxstraza crosses lives with April turning it upside down and striking hope that her sister is indeed alive and that Chaos has become a threat to humankind. Their father has been masquerading for years as a human company owner of Khthonios – a pharmaceutical corporation – to begin his conquest in the modern era with the medication that was meant “For all eternity”. April must not only try to save humanity from Chaos’s horde of demons and an endless void of darkness, but she must try to do it without allowing her full power of being an Antheos consume her and further the extinction of life as everyone knows it…like father, like daughter.


Pier At Dusk


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