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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I dont own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story so no copywrite infringments are intended 






    It had been 5 years since the defeat of Lord Voldemort and life for Harry was now as normal and good as it would ever be he and Ginny were living together in number 11 Grimmauld place he didn't really know if he wanted to continue to

stay there or go to Godric's hollow but for now it was home. He had been

thinking a lot about Godric's hollow the place where his parents James and Lilly Potter were laid to rest after being murdered. He meant to go back there to visit 

their graves and the memorial honoring them in the town square. It would be Halloween soon the day that they were killed, he decided then it would be time to make a visit.


Later that night he and Ginny ate dinner in the kitchen talking about how their days went. "Ginny I'm going to visit Godric's hollow." he said She raised her eyebrow slightly staring intently at him. "Will you be alright going back there

again?" He nodded "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I think it's time that I stop thinking about it and go already and if it's ok I want to go alone."


She smiled at him and said "Of course hon there's nothing wrong with that." He leaned over and kissed her deeply. "Thank you Ginny." 







He stood at the site of the destroyed cottage that they had once lived in. He wanted to examine some of the ruins for himself to see if there was anything else of them left in the wreckage. Most of the boards were blackened and there



wasn't much of anything there except he moved a board and there was a small black wooden box hidden there. He picked it up curious about what could be in

it. He opened it and there inside was a yellowed roll of parchment. His heart pounded in excitement as he unrolled it. It was a letter and it was addressed to him. He began to read it


       Dear Harry,

As I am writing this to you, you are currently sound asleep in your crib not a care in the world. I don't really where the idea to write to you came from but I think I just want to give you something special something that would only be between


you and me. I want to give you my own words of wisdom and advice for later life. First is don't be so much like your father it will only get you in deep trouble! Second try to be kind to others who may be different not so popular this way you will make genuine friends for life I should know coming from experience. I know


that when you are growing up you will make many choices about what to do in your life please know that whatever you decide what to do with it that me and

your father are and will always be proud of you. My last bit of advice in this letter I will leave you is this When you find the love of your life hole on to them for dear life and you can never over use the words I love you.

Goodbye for now

I love you


Harry's eyes were filling with tears as he finished reading his mother's letter. I love you mom." he whispered



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