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This slots in around the end of chapter 12 from plu – now read on…


"Alice, are you ready to talk?"

Alice looked up at her boyfriend of two years and her Dom and knew that the next little while was going to be testing, to say the least – and painful. She nodded to him and then hugged Bella, telling her to be strong.

Her legs felt a little unsteady as she made her way to his side. He had not taken his eyes off hers from when he had walked to the patio door. He held out his hand silently and she put her little one into it. Alice noted that hers shook slightly, Jasper saw it and although he raised an eyebrow, he didn't comment as he turned and led her to the stairs.

The silence was unnerving. Alice didn't really like silence, it made her anxious, and Jasper was well aware of that fact. Normally, his quiet nature calmed her and she felt her spirit still when she was with him, but she hated it when the quiet was a prelude to punishment.

As they walked up the stairs, she thought back to the beginning....

Alice Cullen was fourteen years old when she first met Jasper Whitlock. He was a young eighteen year old actor that her brother had met on the set of his first movie and brought home for the weekend.

Edward had asked his parents permission to have a guest as Jasper lived way down in Texas and didn't really want to go all that way for 3 days. Esme and Carlisle had been on too happy that their loner son seemed to have made a friend.

Other than his siblings, Alice and Emmett, Edward seemed content to be alone.

She had heard the guys come in and Esme greeting them. Alice smiled to herself, her mother just loved to collect stray dogs/cats/children and she loved each and every one. All of Alice's friends clambered to come to her house, although lately she didn't know if it was for her or one of her very good-looking brothers or even (God forbid) her father!

Yip, she had overheard one of her ex-friend's talking during a sleepover she had arranged and an hour before Ali had been in the bathroom and her two friends, Lauren and Jessica in her closet.

"Oh my God! Did you see him at dinner? He is fucking gorgeous! I am going to go down for a drink of water later..." Ali rolled her eyes, another Edward or Emmett fan – but her brothers would never look at one of her friends...

"...and then I'll wonder into his study..." WHAT THE FUCK?? Alice was shocked and horrified at Jessica – she was talking about her FATHER!!!

Alice stormed out of the bathroom and almost wrenched the closet doors off.

"Get your fucking things and get out of my house! Now! And don't EVER come back!" She was screaming at her 'friends'.

They looked at her in shock, but that changed to a sneer and Lauren stepped over to her, pinning her in a corner.

"You are lucky that we even talk to you Alice Cullen! No one likes you! You are just too strange – always talking about shit like seeing the future and knowing things before they happen! The only reason that we hang out with you is to see the serious eye candy that lives here! You are just a stupid little girl and..."

"Don't you ever speak to my sister like that again, you little fucking skank! In fact don't ever speak to her!" Alice spun around and there was Emmett. He was big, over six foot three – and still growing and now he filled her doorway looking furious and dangerous.

He put an arm around Alice and lifted her against his side. "My mother will call your parents. Please go and wait for them on the front porch. You have 5 minutes to pack your shit up and get out!"

They stood and watched as the girls picked up their bags and clothes. Esme came into the room and gave Alice a look of sympathy, which Alice hated. She hated being the sister of the two best looking guys in the Napa Valley area! Esme gave the girls a disapproving look and escorted them to the front door. They looked ashamed, only because they had been caught. Esme didn't know what was wrong, but she trusted Alice's instincts and when Emmett had run into her study to call her, saying that Alice's friends had been mean and spiteful to her and was using her, she had made the phone calls. Emmett looked down into his sister's beautiful face. He and Edward took great delight in teasing and antagonising her, but he knew that both of them would gladly give their lives for Alice. He brushed her tears away.

"Are you okay, Brat?" His gentle tone and touch belied his words.

She gave him a watery smile. "Sure, Thing One". Alice tucked into his side and walked across the hallway to his room. He looked down at her and smiled.

"You can hang out with me, if you want to – you can make over my closet." He battered his eyes and tried to speak in a high pitched voice.

Alice hugged him and laughed "You sound mental! And I have already done your closet – Mom and I went through yours and Edwards. Thanks, big brother." He kissed her forehead.

"Anytime, Ali" And he went back into his room and Alice went downstairs to the den.

That's where Edward and Jasper found her an hour later. She was wearing black yoga pants and a cut off Killers t-shirt of Edwards that fell off her shoulder.

The moment he had walked into the den where Alice was sitting, drawing a design for a new dress that she had been imagining, the hair on the back of her neck had stood up and she felt goose bumps all over her body when her violet eyes had met the Mediterranean blue of his gaze.

Alice felt her heart stop beating...

Edward had walked over and picked her up and hugged her. At just on four feet eleven inches, she was easy prey for her brothers to man handle her. He swung her round to face his new friend, "Jasper Whitlock, meet my very annoying sister, Mary Alice!" He grinned and ducked as she tried to punch him.

"Put me down, you moron!" She didn't take her eyes off the blonde man standing in front of her with an amused smile on his face.

He held out a hand, "Hi Mary Alice" he said quietly and she felt her toes curl, his voice was deep and smooth and he had a Texas drawl that no one could ever fake.

She put her hand into his and she saw his eyes widen in shock, just like hers did. She gasped as she felt a jolt of electricity through her body. His hand tightened on hers.

"Just Alice." She said breathlessly, "It is vey good to finally meet you, Jasper".

"Likewise" He smiled at her and she saw the promise in his eyes. As well as her future. He was telling her that now may not be the time, but soon, one day, he would come back for her, he would claim her, she belonged to him...

She responded by telling him that she wasn't afraid, she wasn't shy, and she would do anything to be with him.

She would wait for him...no matter how long it took.

6 years later

Alice learned of Jasper's alternative lifestyle quite by accident. She had been walking into Edward's bedroom one day, looking for a t-shirt that she had taken a fancy to, when she had heard her brother on the phone with his best friend.

It hurt her every time she saw him. He was avoiding her, had been for years. Just because Edward was his best friend! She knew that she was meant to be with him! She knew that he was the ONE for her and she was his ONE AND ONLY! Why wouldn't he just fucking give in?

She fretted about it and had spent so many nights crying into her pillow. Every time she saw him, she saw the desire and even love in his eyes, quickly followed by guilt and shame and then he would bolt.

On night, when she was 19, it came to a head, when they were the last two sitting in the den watching a movie. Edward had gone to bed and Emmett and Rosalie, his girlfriend was off doing God knows what in his bedroom.

Alice felt every movement from him. She could feel the heat from his body, even though he didn't touch her. She felt the growing anxiety and lust coming off him in waves; finally she just jumped up and stood glaring down at him.

"Jasper Whitlock, don't you think this has gone on long enough? You have kept me waiting for long enough now!" Her violet eyes looked almost black from her anger.

He sat looking up at her for a moment, and then he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down across his legs.

"Wha..." His mouth covered hers roughly. He kissed her, forcing her to open her mouth, to take his tongue in, over and over he pillaged her mouth, and only when he felt like he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen did he pull back from her.

"Fuck Alice! Stop teasing me! Stop testing me! We can't do this!" he pushed her off his lap and this time he got up. He moved to walk out of the den, when he heard her soft voice, the hurt and heartbreak evident.

"Why Jazz?"

FUCK!! He turned and saw her and his heart broke. She had tears on her thick black lashes, her mouth was red and swollen and pouting. Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail, but the look in her eyes...Oh! God!

Hurt, sadness, a hint of impatience, frustration and love, so much love...

Jasper let out a breath and stood his ground, he was so afraid that if he weakened and went to her, he would never leave her side.

"Alice, I am not the one for you. I am no good for you. You are young and innocent and you deserve a normal relationship with a nice, vanilla boy." He sounded bitter and angry.

"What is a 'vanilla' boy? You don't even know what I want, Jazz. I want you, and you want me. It has always been you, don't you see?" She was desperate.

Jasper gave an angry laugh. "Vanilla, my sweet is what you are and what is good for you and it is what I will NEVER BE!"

She didn't understand, wasn't she enough for him? "Don't you want me?" She asked as she felt her heart breaking and the tears that she had been holding in, finally slipped down her cheeks.

Jasper cursed and was cradling her in his arms in an instant.

He rocked her gently and immediately Alice felt herself calm down.

"Tell me, please" she said with her mouth against his neck, she was placing open mouth kisses all along his neck.

"Tinkerbelle, it's not you. Really, I mean that" He heard her snort.

"I will try Alice, I really will, but I am not who you think I am and I am afraid that when you know who I am, you will never want to see me again. So give me some time, okay?" He kissed and held her that night and they didn't talk about it for a long time.

Back to the phone call...

Alice heard Edward on the phone in his bathroom...

"So what time are you going to be at the play party?"

There was silence for a while.

"Jazz, seriously, thank you for this. I can't tell you how much happier I am just knowing that I am not alone. That there are others like us. My training finished last week, so now I am just like you, a Dom – with no sub!" He laughed.

"No, I am happier that way, no emotional entanglements. So I will see you at Garrett and Kate's at 8.30? Great. Cheers."

Alice quickly ran out of the room and then walked in a few moments later.

"Hey Edward" she walked over and sat on his bed as she watched him get dressed.

"Hey, Tink" Jaspers nickname had rubbed off on her family.

"Where are you off to tonight? Do you feel like some company?" She watched as his eyes looked startled and then he looked a little shifty, nervous.

GOTTCHA! She looked at Edward in a new light – her brother a Dom! She didn't really understand what this was about, but she knew it had something to do with Jasper's rejection all those months ago.

"Um, sorry Kiddo, but Jasper and I have a function to go to. You wouldn't enjoy it." He looked really uncomfortable. Alice decided to let him off the hook – she was eager to begin her investigation.

"No problem. See you later, E"

She walked downstairs and into her room. She quickly sat at her desk and opened her laptop.

She Googled 'Dom' ...all of a sudden she gasped and stared. WHAT THE?

.GOD. It was like driving past an accident and you couldn't help but slow down...

Jasper, is this the difference is between Vanilla and the ... other?

Alice made a decision there and then, whatever it took.

She spent the next few months researching, learning about the BDSM lifestyle. The more she learned the more intrigued she became. She had never had sex before, but she soon learned that this was so much more than sex.

She turned her enthusiasm to learning about becoming a submissive - not just any submissive; she would be Jasper Whitlock's.

He would be her Dom. The thought of this kept her in a state of sexual tension for months.

She found out about Garrett and Kate and that they were a Dom/sub couple, very well respected within the community. Alice had met the director and his beautiful blonde, petite wife and her and Kate had been to lunch a few times. She couldn't believe that Kate was a submissive. She was bubbly and self assured and funny. Alice didn't know that submissives were allowed to laugh!

She contacted Kate one day and met her for lunch. Kate was shocked to hear Alice's story and was hesitant to introduce her into the lifestyle, because of their friendship with Edward and Jasper and because of Alice's motives.

Alice explained that she wanted to learn everything she needed to, to be the best sub for Jasper and that if Kate and Garret wouldn't teach her, she would find someone else.

Kate promised to talk to her husband. Alice waited for 2 weeks before Kate called her.

"Alice? I have spoken to Garrett. You are very lucky, he likes you and he respects your brother. He is not happy about doing this behind Edward's back, but he would rather teach you than have you go off to someone who may hurt you."

Alice was thrilled.

"But, you are going to have to wait until you are 21. That's in a couple of months. There are other conditions. Come for dinner tomorrow night and we will go over them with you."

At dinner Alice found out that her training would be in behaviour and obedience only. There would be no sexual relationship and until she actually 'came out' she was to abstain from sex altogether.

For almost a year Alice 'practised'. She took her training very seriously and when her family enquired as to her new activities that took her to gym training four times per week as well as palates and yoga, she simply said that she needed to tone her body.

Jasper noticed that the few times that he saw Alice; she no longer looked at him with puppy dog eyes, sad and whimsical. Rather she seemed to be assessing him. She watched him and every now and again he would catch her smiling at him as if she knew what he was getting for Christmas.

He even called her on it one time. He narrowed his eyes at her "What are you up to?"

She smiled sweetly "One day, Jazz, you'll see". That was all she would say and she avoided him for the rest of his visit.

Before she knew it, it was the night of her 'big reveal'. She had timed it perfectly. Edward was away on location and Jasper was coming to a play party at Garrett & Kate's.

She was nervous, but ready. Garrett had assured her last week, that if he didn't have his beautiful wife, whom he loved fiercely, he would want to collar her.

Now, here she was. The Nomad's home was styled like a Mediterranean villa. It was a single story with about four anti rooms that were accessible from the wrap around terrace only.

These rooms were very simply furnished. All in white, with a bed, a couple of chairs, a dresser and a large mirror.

There was no hardware here; guests were encouraged to bring their own. One could book time in the playroom, downstairs in the basement; otherwise there were the common areas and swimming pool. The house was shaped like a U with the swimming pool in the middle. The terrace was wrapped around it. The anti rooms faced the swimming pool.

Alice stood at the door of one of these rooms. She was aware of the fact that Jasper had arrived, Kate had come to find her. She was simply dressed tonight. A midnight blue corset with a matching short skirt that showed just a peek of the curve of her ass cheeks. She wore navy thigh highs and stilettos in silver.

She had cut her hair some months earlier, and it was spiky and gave her an impish look that she loved.

Kate had told her to wear a pink ribbon around her neck like a chocker. This would indicate that she was a submissive, although not collared, she was spoken for.

She entered the main common area; furnished in wooden furniture with large white cushions. There were seating areas grouped together. A large open area at one end allowed for dancing and demonstrations.

Alice's gaze looked there for a moment, watching as a woman was being tied up by another woman.

Alice had come to see the beauty in these and other acts. Her gaze once again swept around the room. Where was he? She walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of champagne. She wanted a clear head tonight. She looked over and caught a glimpse of Garrett, he caught her eye and...

There he was, standing just behind a pillar talking to Garrett and Kate. Kate looked up and smiled and winked at Alice.

Alice felt for the first time, since she had embarked on this venture that she wanted to throw up. Jasper caught Kate's smile and wink and turned to see what she was looking at.

Violet eyes stared wide eyed into blazing blue ones. His eyes narrowed and Alice turned and fled.

Her heart was pounding, she could feel dry sobs rising up in her chest. Fuck! The look on his face! He looked as if he wanted to hit somebody! Fury, disbelieve, impatience, confusion. All there, in his face.

Alice knew her way around the villa and made her way down to the basement. She wasn't sure if anyone had booked a session, but she had the code for the playroom and now she used it. The light that shone outside the door if the room was occupied wasn't on, so she should be okay.

She quickly opened the door and closed it behind her. She flicked the outside light switch next to the door, making sure she would not be disturbed. It had an automatic lock and as she heard it click into place, she felt her anxiety slowly leave.

What had she done? How could she have misjudged him like that? She had thought all along that he had wanted her, but that his lifestyle had kept them apart.

Eight fucking years!! I have given him eight years of my life and he doesn't want me! Enough! Enough now! This ends tonight – It was over. She had given him everything and now it was over. Alice sat on the bed, she didn't cry and made plans. She always knew there was a risk. He had never said the words; he had never told her that she was his One. She would go away, to Europe. Her parents would let her go, if she begged them. She spoke Italian and could study in Rome or France or England. She would go and he could go on with his life.

She heard the lock click and turned her head, puzzled. She felt the blood drain from her face as Jasper's keen gaze found hers.

She heard herself gasp, as he closed the gap between them. He stood a few feet away from her and she could see the anger blazing in his eyes and the fury made his frame shake a little as he clenched his fists by his sides.

He glared at her.

"Come here."

His voice was low, bridging no argument and Alice didn't hesitate. She got up and walked to him. She dropped to her knees and put her hands behind her neck, her eyes on the ground.

Jasper glared down at the most magnificent sight in front of him. He had given up hope of ever sharing a life with Alice Cullen. She had intoxicated him for the past 10 years. Every moment he was with her or around her all he could think of was her. But because of the lifestyle that he knew he couldn't live without, he had made the choice to just love her forever from afar.

Well, after he had calmed down tonight, Garrett had forced him to go into the study and hear him and Kate out.

What they had told him was mind blowing! Alice had been in training for a year! She had been training to be his submissive. Now the smiles and looks made sense.

He was furious as he imagined her in this position with someone else, even though Garrett had assured him that Alice had never been touched – the fact was that he had seen her, he had taught her this position and Jasper could kill him for it!

Mary Alice Cullen belonged to him. She always had. Jasper reached out and almost reluctantly he touched her soft hair. He ran his fingers through it. She moaned softly. This served to snap Jasper out of his daydreaming.

Time to teach Miss Cullen who was in charge now...

"Mary Alice, look at me."

Her eyes snapped up to meet his. He knew that she was irritated by the use of her full name. This is what he would call her, he decided, she would bend to his will in this and the thought made him smile a little, not a very nice smile, it would serve her right...fucking little manipulator...

"I am going to ask you some questions and you WILL be open and honest and respectful at all times, do you understand? You may speak".

"Yes, M-Sir".

She had almost slipped up and she watched as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Put your hands on your lap. Open your legs for me. I want them shoulder width apart. Do it now. Beautiful, this is your new position! This is position 1. You will be ready for me in a playroom or wherever we play in this position unless I tell you differently. Is this clear so far?"

Alice was too afraid to weigh his words. "Yes, Sir".

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, Sir"

"You want to do this with me?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Fuck! A year Alice? An entire fucking year you have planned and schemed this, while I was fucking pining away for you! Why didn't you just tell me?" he was so upset right now, that his composure broke.

Alice smiled a little. Finally he would know her anguish.

"I didn't tell you, because what would you have done? You would have tried to dissuade me! You know that what I am saying is the truth. I wanted to give you this. I had to show you that ..." she stopped talking and looked down.

"Show me what?" He was pulling her to her feet and his hands ran over her cheeks, down her neck, over her breasts, he gripped her waist and pulled her to him, grinding his erection into her moisture.

Her heavy lidded gaze drew him in.

"You are my One, Jasper, I have been waiting for you for so long. You are it for me."

He walked away from her and stood with his back to her. He was so excited; he had to get himself under control.

"Take your clothes off Mary Alice" he said without turning around. When you are finished move over to the whipping bench". He heard her sharp intake of breath, but no protest. No safe word, he frowned did she have safe words. He knew that Garrett would have taught her, but he would make sure.

He turned around and she was just about to climb up, she flinched slightly when she saw him move towards her in her peripheral vision, but she kept her eyes forward and climbed up, gripping the hand and foot holds.

They had to talk. Later, when he had appeased his appetite, when he could think straight, much later.

Jasper came and stood next to her. He was dying to touch her, her body was exquisite, tiny, and perfect. He felt as if he could snap her in two in his hands. He stood at six feet 2 inches and although he was not into body building, his body was naturally well built.

He hesitantly ran his hand down her back, and then lightly he followed her curve of her hip down her ass and inward to her glistening little cunt.

It was bare and looked so inviting...but first things first.

"How many have there been?" He had to know and Garrett wouldn't answer that question.


His hand came down and he spanked her lightly. She didn't even flinch and Jasper was impressed.

"Watch your mouth. How many have there been before me?"

Alice understood and smiled. "None, Sir".

Jasper went absolutely still. Suddenly, Alice found herself lifted off the bench. She was standing naked in front of him. His hands were on her shoulders.

He shook her slightly.

"What did you say? Say it Mary Alice. SAY IT!"

"I'm a virgin, Sir. I have been saving myself for you".

"YOU ARE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!" He roared and Alice was afraid for the first time.

He moved forward and Alice flinched away slightly, his eyes narrowed. Jasper took another deep breath.

"Get dressed Alice. We are leaving. Now!"

They had been together ever since...

Alice felt the smile tug at her lips, as she made her way to the door of the playroom, the smile slid from her face. She watched the line of Jasper's back. He was furious with her. She had woken up to an empty bed and his side was undisturbed.

Alice knew then that she was in a whole truck load of trouble – they never slept apart if they could help it.

She stood aside as Jasper unlocked and entered the playroom. She walked in and stood with her head down and her hands behind her back awaiting his instructions.

"Go and sit down in the chair Mary Alice. We need to talk first."

With that Jasper walked into the adjoining bathroom. Alice moved over to the two wing back, leather chairs in the alcove and sat down.

Her stomach hurt. She was nervous; this surprised her because she hadn't been nervous with Jazz since the first time she had been in a playroom together.

How mad was he? She didn't remember going to bed, the last thing she DID remember was dancing with Bella in …a cage? Oh FUCK!! The cage – it was all coming back to her now. Jasper was taking a long time – this was not a good sign. He very seldom lost his cool – and he could never stay mad at her for long – until now…

She touched her charm bracelet – her collar. Each charm was special the tiny key, the heart, the Stetson, the tiny fairy. She heard him come back in and she tensed up.

She swallowed and willed herself to relax and breathe slowly.

Jasper sat down opposite her.

"Look at me".

Her head shot up and she stared at him. She searched his features, she saw the fatigue around his eyes, she longed to reach out and brush his hair back.

"We will talk freely here. I expect total honesty from you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Master." His eyes were blazing, bright, piercing. No smile – FUCK!

"Okay, tell me Mary Alice – what the FUCK were you thinking last night?" he had tried to rein his temper in when he went to the bathroom, but it seemed he had lost that battle.

She opened her mouth – then closed it. He glared at her, "Answer me dammit!"

"I'm sorry Master. I wanted to have a good time and to show Bella that as a sub, she can enjoy herself and so we had a f-few tequilas when I was getting her ready, um, I took it from the bar. We also had a few later and then we danced?" This is not going so well, she thought, he was getting quite red in the face.

"Maybe things got a little out of hand then and oh! We were asked to dance in the cage…" her voice trailed off, he looked like he was going to explode!

Jasper jumped up "MAYBE? MAYBE THINGS GOT OUT OF HAND? Seriously, Mary Alice? That's your 'explanation'? DON'T TALK CRAP!!"

He began pacing backwards and forwards – another bad sign.

Suddenly he rounded on her and she jumped back in her seat.

"Get up." He spoke really quietly.

She jumped up and quickly went to stand before him.

"Stand in the middle of the room. Take your clothes off." He wasn't even looking at her. Fuckfuckfuck! She did what she was told as quickly as she could.

Calm the fuck down! Jasper thought. He was furious with her, but he knew better than to touch her in anger. He busied himself with pulling out some equipment that he wanted to use. He took off his shirt and socks and shoes and pulled his belt off.

He was left with his oldest pair of jeans, black, faded. He needed to feel as comfortable as possible for this. He looked up at Alice. She looked so beautiful; he headed over to her and stood before her.

She stood before him, silent and sad. He knew that she was sorry, but it was too late now. Sorry wasn't going to help this time.

"Kneel down and open you mouth". She obeyed him immediately. He unzipped his jeans and pulled her forward, gripping her hair tightly.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth. Your dirty, disobedient mouth that dared to shout at me last night. You will take all of me – now".

He held her by her hair and pushed his hips forward. Alice took him in as deeply as she could and hummed around his cock, sucking hard.

"Fuck." He couldn't help moan as her hot mouth sucked and she used her throat muscles to contract around him.

"Now we are putting your smart mouth to some good use. You acted like a cheap slut last night and so I will use you like one. You will not cum at all. If you do, I will punish you for it. Now, use your tongue – yessss – just like that. Take me all in!"

He usually didn't try and push his cock all the way in her mouth, she was just too small, but today wasn't pleasure for her and Jasper knew she loved so suck him.

His cock hit the back of her throat and he kept going. "Relax your throat and don't you dare gag!"

She was incredible, and normally Jasper relished this, but he was so on edge and tense that he just wanted to be done. He could feel his cock harden further, he was going to climax.

"Oh! Fuck! I'm going to cum! Take it all – everything I give you!" He felt his cum shoot down her throat and he watched her swallow frantically not to spill a drop. She kept licking and sucking him clean. She sat back and moved her hands to tuck him back into his jeans, like she normally did.

"No! You don't get to touch me with your hands! Put your hands back behind you. I didn't give you permission to touch me with any part of your body except your mouth. That is a privilege and you don't deserve any privileges' right now!

He moved out of her reach and watched the look of hurt that she gave him before quickly looking down.

He saw the tears on her lashes as she pulled her hands back and settled down. He knew that this was more painful to her than spankings. All at once his anger was gone and he could focus on her. This was all about Alice.

He was so tempted to caress her hair, to let her know that they were okay, but he also knew that this was not the time – not yet.

"Go to the whipping bench and get into position."

She got up and he saw her brush her tears away quickly. She climbed up and put her feet into the stirrups on either side, her ass was almost hanging off the end. She put her hands into the hand holds and her head went to the side.

He walked over to the counter and picked up the paddle. Without warning he brought it down on her ass cheek. She didn't move or cry out.

"One" she said.

He quickly smacked her on the other cheek again.

"No! I didn't say count! Fuck! Are you trying to draw this out? Are you trying to really piss me off?"

Suddenly he knelt down next to her and looked her straight in the eyes. "Gag and an extra 5!" he said over his shoulder as he moved away.

She began to cry in earnest now. Fuck! She hadn't been thinking, her mind was foggy from her hangover and she had taken her mind off Jasper and what he was doing.

She was angry with herself – she knew better than this! She knew how to behave.

He came back and none too gently took hold of her chin – "Open" he put a small ball into her mouth and attached it. She hated being gagged and he knew it! Squeezed her eyes closed and felt him put a buzzer into her one hand.

He didn't say another word but went around and picked up the paddle again and began her 'warm up'.

Alice tried to ignore the tingle in her groin. She knew that this was punishment and that he was very serious about her climaxing. She felt the pain on her thighs and ass. It wasn't really painful, she had found that she had a high threshold for pain and over the years, Jasper had devised other methods of punishment for her.

He stopped and she felt his hands rub her ass and legs.

"My little disobedient slut. You are sorry now I'll bet, but not as sorry as you are going to be." She shivered at his tone.

"Get up and go to the cross."

She scrambled off the bench and went to the large X. She stood facing away from the X with her head down, her tears were blinding her.

"Face the cross – do not look at me!" She turned.

"Position!" he almost hissed at her. She moved into the position that he required. Every word he spoke cut straight into her heart. She hated that he was displeased with her. All she wanted was to please him. When they argued and fought it was exciting to make-up, but today she knew that she'd gone too far. Way too far! Fuck! She closed her eyes as the tears continued to fall.

"You will get fifteen with the crop and ten with the cane and five extra with my hand. To punish you a little more, I have a few surprises' for you…"

He attached cuffs to her hands and pulled them over her head attaching them to the chain that hung above her.

He walked to the counter and stood in front of her. He pulled sharply on her nipples, Alice knew better than to flinch. He twisted and pinched them. They were hard and aching slightly and he paused a moment before he attached nipple clamps. He pulled on the chain between her breasts slightly and she moaned around the ball-gag.

He walked behind her and she felt him touching her between her legs, she was dripping wet. He lifted one foot and then the other – she felt him slide something up her legs. Was it a belt, straps? Her heart quickened – no! He was touching her again, running a hand over her pussy. There was something at her entrance and at first she thought that it was his finger, but when he kept pushing, she felt the vibrator slide up inside her. He slid his hand further down and she felt the cold lube around her little hole. He stretched her with a finger for a moment and then she felt him insert a small butt plug. She was angry with him now; he was going to make it almost impossible for her!

He gave her a few smacks between her legs, not enough to hurt, but enough to push the plug and the vibrator in more. He secured a strap between her legs and attached it to the belt that he had put around her waist.

He got up and pushed himself against her, forcing her into the cross beams. He leaned down, so that his mouth was next to her ear, his lips brushing again her lobe.

"My beautiful, disobedient little submissive. Not so eager for fun and excitement now, are you? Your pussy is dripping wet, Darlin' and you think this may be fun? Well, now you will pay for your disobedience. You will NEVER embarrass me like that again. You will NEVER act like a slut again. You are MINE, Mary Alice. You have always been MINE."

He pulled on the nipple clamps sharply and pushed away from her.

"Fifteen with the crop".

She tensed for the first blow, but that just made her more conscious of the vibrator and plug inside her. Her nipples were aching, throbbing. She felt so full, she felt so ready! She felt a bead of sweat run down her back.

The crop came down on her thighs first then her ass and her breasts. Jasper wheeled the crop masterfully. He used his wrist and flicked it, causing more pain in his pattern and talent in using less arm effort. He was meticulous in his delivery. She felt a flick between her legs, she ached to feel that on her clit and because Jasper knew her body more than his own, he made sure that the strap had it covered and so she just felt the quick pressure, not enough to satisfy not enough to make it count.

She whimpered against the gag. She wanted to fall at his feet and beg his forgiveness, his favour. She felt her juice run down her leg and felt the familiar tension build – No! No! No! She began to beg him, to plead with him around the gag, he didn't pause.

Then it was over. Just as she was about to loose the battle against her climax, the blows stopped. She sagged against the chain overhead.

He moved away and she heard him open a bottle and drink water. She was so thirsty! He walked back to her and she felt his hands at the back of her head. He released the ball-gag.

"Keep your eyes closed and drink this water." He said quietly. He pressed the bottle to her lips and she took a mouthful of water into her mouth and tried to swallow, but she was crying too hard, so she just held it in her mouth.

Jasper growled, "Fuck it! MARY ALICE STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" He pulled the chain on her clamps roughly. She swallowed hastily and yelled out.

"You will get control of yourself now! You will accept this punishment and you will thank me for it! Do you understand? Answer me!"

She took a deep breath "Y-yes M-master."

"What is your word?"

"Green, Master".

"Good. Now, drink this water and we'll continue". He lifted the bottle again and she drank deeply.

When she turned her head slightly, indicating that she had enough, he reattached the gag.

"Ten with the cane. Do not cum".

She knew he would not go easy on her, and when she head and felt the can against her ass, she screamed into the gag. Another blow, this time on her thighs and just as she was bracing herself for the next blow, she felt the vibrator and plug move inside her! Fuck! He had turned them on!

Another blow and the vibrators sped up. Then he slowed them down. Sometimes one or the other as the cane came down again, sometimes both.

She tried really hard to ignore them, but it became too much and she could feel her climax build up. Almost there…and then he stopped. The cane dropped and the vibrators stilled.

She was shaking now; she knew she couldn't take much more. Her hand twitched on the buzzer in her hand.

"Good girl" he murmured into her hair. She was moaning and whimpering and she didn't care anymore, she wanted it to stop and she wanted him to never stop, she needed to cum.

"Last five. No more games". He sounded sad, tired. She understood how he felt, he hated punishing her.

His hand came down. Once. Again. Again.

It was over. He quickly undid the strap and removed it and the vibrator and the plug, he removed the clamps as gently as he could. The gag was next and then the cuffs.

He caught her in his arms as she began to fall and carried her to the bed, where he laid her gently on her stomach. He began to massage her muscles and her red ass and thighs with lotion. He soothed her aching arms and legs. He rolled her over and massaged lotion into her breasts, down her stomach and hips.

He kissed her neck. "I'll be right back, rest Sugar".

Alice fell into an exhorted slumber.

"Tink? Wake up Sugar, time for a bath". She opened her eyes and tried to move.

"Aaagh!" her muscles were sore.

He picked her up and cradled her like she was a precious doll. He placed her gently in the bath.

She opened her eyes and saw that he had lit what looked like a hundred candles around the room.

He watched her as he took his jeans off. She was very quiet. Normally she didn't have a problem after punishment and she was in the bath. The bathroom was a free zone, where everything that was said was open and free communication. They still maintained their roles as Dom and sub, but she could speak freely.

A single tear ran down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away.

Jasper shook his head slightly and climbed in behind her and pulled her small frame against his chest.

"Come here Darlin'. What do you need to say to end this punishment?"

"Th-thank you, M-master!" she whispered.

He picked her up and very carefully avoiding her ass, he placed her between his legs, her legs draped over his, facing him.

Alice's arms came out and she put them around his neck, bringing her body flush against his. She buried her head into his neck and began to sob.

He stroked her hair with one hand, while the other rubbed her back gently, as he let her cry.

When she had quietened down, the atmosphere in the room changed. One moment she was needy and sad and the next she began to run her hands down his back, her mouth placing open mouthed kisses and nips in his neck. He knew she was sore and so he gently nudged her back and ran his hand down her body to her nether lips.

She hissed at him and pinched his nipple. He caressed her nipples gently.

"Please, Jasper" she moaned against his mouth.

"Slow down, Ali" he said.

"No, Jazz, I need you now!" And she crushed her lips to his. They pulled away from each other, needing air.

He gripped her hips and in one move he picked her up and lowered her onto his cock.

She arched her back and ground her body against his.

"Don't move Darlin'. Let me pleasure you now." He ground out.

He began to move her and he kissed her deeply. When he could feel she was close he brought his hand down and began to rub her clit gently.

"You are so perfect, you feel so good on my cock Alice. Let go for me now."

He moved her slower now, stretching it out. "Please" she whimpered.

He pinched her clit. "Now" and she bit down on his neck as she came around him.


He began to pump her up and down faster, going deeper on him.

She was panting, feeling the tension build again – "Jazz – I can't…"

He felt his climax build up and with a last pump into her - "Again, baby!"

They exploded into each other.

The water was turning cold as Jasper got out and quickly dried himself. He picked Alice up and set her on her feet. He dried her off and they put on the bathrobes he had put out earlier.

He picked her up again and carried her through the playroom and downstairs to their suite.

He put Alice on the bed and closed the door. He pulled he robe off and fetched the lotion in his closet.

He carefully rubbed lotion on the red marks on her lower back and bottom from the cane. He knew the marks would be gone tomorrow, but she would be tender. He turned her over and looked at her nipples. He massaged lotion into her nipples and arms again.

Every now and again he would pause and kiss her or touch her face. She watched him from under heavy lids.

When he was finished, he took his robe off and lay next to her. He pulled her into his arms, as she lay on top of him.

"Why so quiet, Ali-cat?"

She sighed. "Thinking."

"Are you hungry?"

She shrugged, "I suppose I could eat".

They lay for a while then Jasper suggested that they eat something. They put their robes on and moved to the couches in the corner, where Rosa, the housekeeper had delivered an antipasto meal of cold cuts, cheeses, various breads, with olive, baby tomatoes and fruit.

They ate, making light conversation. When they had finished, Jasper gathered their plates and put it all onto the tray outside their bedroom door.

He came back and sat opposite her again. "Talk to me, Ali".

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to break any rules, things really just got out of hand. We were drinking, and then dancing and then, when you got angry with me on the dance floor, I know you were being protective and that's great, but Reb, you can't always be there and I have learned to take care of my self."

He was frowning down at her, "I know that Alice..." he sounded defensive and anxious.

"Anyway, that just set me off on a rebel streak", at her choice of words, they grinned at each other. 'Reb'or 'Rebel' was her nickname for Jasper.

The grin faded and she turned eyes brimming with remorse and tears to meet his.

"I am sorry that I broke my vows to Obey, Respect, Love and Please you. I'm sorry I let you down..." Jasper groaned and pulled Alice against him.

"I really screwed up with Bella, Jasper! Edward must be livid with me! He will try and break us up; he won't let me near her."

She looked so sad that he had so smile. He wiped her tears away.

"Bella made her choices too. She was aware of her limits and she pushed them. In fact, I think she pushed him on purpose, you know to test him." he kissed her.

"Hush now, lil' darlin'. It's okay, it's over and you took your punishment".

"I love you Alice"

"And I love you" She moved her lips to meet his in a tender kiss.

"So, are you tired?" he asked her as they lay in bed a little later.

"A little. Why don't we clean up the play room and then we can nap a little."

"Great idea. I think you need a nap Ms Cullen. You need to rest." Jasper was wiggling his eyebrows and twirling an imaginary moustache.

Alice giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Come on handsome, let's hurry."

They got dressed in the robes again and walked up to the play room holding hands and Alice knew that her world was back on its axis again!

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