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Sasha Cameron is a NZ-born author who is descended from a long line of Maori warrior princesses known for abducting and eating men, until they discovered better uses for them. Trained in several martial arts including macrame (she loves tying her characters up in knots), she is stepping into the world of online fiction writing having spent years working in, researching and writing about …oh, what does it matter, you wouldn’t be interested. Her current status is ‘topping from the bottom’ and her recalcitrant teens teach her more than she ever wanted to know about the fan fiction genre. Now she specializes in Fifty Shades side characters. Currently based in one of the world’s most liveable cities: Melbourne, Australia.

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"It's canon, Jim, but not as you know it."  This is Kate and Elliot's love story as it unfolded alongside Christian and Ana's. Ever wondered what happened on their first night together? What about those conversations between Kate and Christian in Portland? What went down in Barbados and how did Elliot get invited in the first place? And the big reveal of how much Elliot might already know about Christian's lifestyle. This story follows the plot line from Fifty Shades of Grey, with some borrowed dialogue to add authenticity, however, you need to forget all of the assumptions that you may have made about them and their relationship.  They won't exactly be OOC but they have a lot more going on than you ever knew.  Their love story is a lot more powerful than EL James ever told us.


Categories: Fifty Shades Trilogy, Canon
Characters: Elliot Grey/Kate Kavanagh
Genre: Drama
Language: English
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Chapters: 16 Table of Contents
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