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Name: You can call me Buka, or whatever nickname you pick. I also go by Motsumi, Sumi or Mots on other sites and forums.

Age: I was born in 1978, you can figure it out from there. But for Criminal Minds fans, I'm the same age as AJ Cook and two years older than Matthew Gray Gubler.

Location: 100 miles from Washington, DC in the county seat of Shenandoah County.

Religion: Atheist (Atheism isn't actually a religion)

Home state: Massachusetts

Job: Assistant Manager at Dollar Tree (Sucking all my fic writing time and RP time away)

Gender: Female

Siblings:One older sister and one younger sister. (Joy, stuck in the middle)

Interests: Writing, mpreg (and writing mpreg XD),bird watching, astronomy, fishing, drawing, Kingdom Hearts, a few TV shows

Likes: RPing, Seafood, collecting foreign coins, collecting old coins and currency, playing with Logan, getting reviews, sharks (I love sharks, ask anyone), reading and writing mpreg (back to the interests again)

Dislikes: Improper grammar (punctuation is part of grammar), improper paragraph formatting (It is hard to read block paragraphs, especially if they are chock full of run on sentences), improper spelling... basically the death of the English language as I knew it. (I feel bad for my former English teachers now.) I also dislike many other things, including those 'How to get to heaven' pamphlets and rocks with Jesus and God's Salvation painted on them, people who can't spell my home state properly.

Favorite TV shows: Homicide: Life on the Street (Wish it didn’t get cancelled), ER, Grey’s Anatomy (All the good medical shows are gone), seaQuest DSV (I hated 2032, that is why seaQuest was cancelled. Michael Ironside killed it), The Simpsons, Family Guy, Criminal Minds (I just got into it a few weeks ago), The Amazing Race, CSI and a few others.

Favorite TV show characters: Most of the cast of Homicide (with a couple of exceptions), Lucas Wolenczak, Tim O’Neill, Jim Brody, Miguel Ortiz, Darwin (OK, I like Charles Darwin also but he was real. Darwin is the dolphin on seaQuest), Spencer Reid (Who doesn’t like him?), Homer Simpson, Derek Morgan and a few others.

Favorite bands/ Artists: Dave Matthews Band (If no one heard of DMB they’ve been under a rock), Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Alanis Morissette, Evanescence, Saliva, Everlast, Seal, Trapt, Garth Brooks, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Buffett, Kelly Clarkson, Crossfade, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Red Hot Chili Peppers

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"I'm a man of science.I didn't know how to deal with it, there is no quantifiable proof God exists." With those words, Reid is still trying to make sense of what he saw after he died. Will Derek be able to help him? Morgan x Reid established relationship.

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