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I'm 24 years old and have been writing fanfiction since i was 18. I have a boyfriend of 9 years and a two year old daughter. I write for multiple ships and I'm currently writing for Twilight stuff. Mostly AU-human stuff.

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Current Project: Untitled Drabble, Even in Death, Leave out all the rest and the one that got away

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Fave Shows: That 70's Show, Total Drama, One Tree Hill, Dragonball Z, October Road, Teen Mom, Supernatural, Secret life of the American teenager, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Ghost Hunters, Modern Family, Bones, Vampire Diaries and Buffy

Fave Movies: 10 Things I hate about You, Juno, Toy Story Series, Vampires Suck, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and 2, Pirates Trilogy, Transformers, Eclipse, Sin City, New Moon, Scott Pilgrim and Italian Job

Fave Games: Silent Hill Series, Resident Evil Series, Phoenix Wright Series, Fatal Frame Series, Halo trilogy, Grand theft Auto Series, The Darkness, FF7-13 (except 11 & 12), Metal Gear Series, Dead Space Series and Hitman.

Favorite Books: The vampire chronicles by Anne Rice, The sisterhood of the traveling pants books, the harry potter books, Pretty Little Liars Series and The Twilight Series.

Fave Couples:

Jackie and Hyde

Duncan and Gwen

Buffy and Spike

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Rory and Logan

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Goten and Bra

Bella and Edward

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Jacob and Nessie

My YouTube Page that is a link to my youtube page. I've got a lot of J/H Vids and a couple Lucas Peyton. Check them out!

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Also have an album up of what the characters look like to me.

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Stories by allienicole16
Summary: Past Featured Story

Edward just got dumped, Bella just got dumped. These two best friends are about to find out what the real meaning of friends is. Loosely based on friends with benefits.


Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings
Characters: Bella/Edward
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: G8or Favor8s Read
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 20769 Read Count: 2891
[Report This] Published: 02 Jun 2012 Updated: 02 Jun 2012