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Heey, my names Clair but I hate it so I go by my middle name Amanda, or my nickname 'Liss'.

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I want to pre-warn anyone who actually cares to read this, A: there is some mature things, not a lot but I'm warning you now, B: What I'm about to say may hurt some of you, C: After reading the following, your view on Twilight may change, D: I hate to sound stuck up but the things I say are just my opinions.

(¯`v´¯) ¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

A new round of questons are coming your way, once again thanks to my cousin Jenni for setting this up. "Last time I set up a questionare episode based around Twilight, seeing as that's what my cosin writes about, but this time I figured, why not get to know her alittle better, sound fun? Keep on reading. OH! And I want to apologize before hand, we had some dicussions through the questionare, as you will find, my words are in bold. OH! Also, this episode is rated T. Viewer discertion is advised.

Random question #1; While me and the family know how you got your oh so cute nickname 'Liss', I think everyone else deserves to know, do tell.

Sigh. I hate you, I hope you know that Jenni. ("Don't worry folks she loves me.") Well... I'm not a fan of how I came across that name, it's not my finest moment...but I'll spill anyway, just to make some people laugh... Once upon a time in a bustling city there lived a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a doctor, and perhaps one day meeting prince charming himeslf. One day she was walking along the busy streets, with her brand spanking new coach bag, while wearing a lovely dress my mother had bought for me from H&M, siping on her yummy hot chocolate form Timmy's (Tim Hortans). Low and behold, she ended up walking straingt into dashingly young man. He had caught her effortlesly, helping her stand once again on her own two feet. Unbknown to her she had spilled the hot chocolate on her dress (I guess since it was winter she hadn't noticed) and the man began to chuckle. She of course took offense, thining the man was laughing at her red cheeks or the fact she had tripped over thin air. "Not everyone is born gracefull," she said to him, glaring. His laughter ceased, "I wasn't laughing at you...?" Just as she was about to tell him her name a peron walked into her back, causing her to say "Liss." So ya, that's my unfortunate tale... On the plus side, I now have my own Jasper (with a splash of Edward.) :)

 ("See, aren't my cousin and her fience just so adorable?") "Don't you and your husband have more kids to make?" *rases eybrows* ("Touche")

Random question #2; I heard from a little bird that you have been non-stop talking about a new story you're planing, is it true? How many chapters? What rating? Who is it centered around? Tell.

Sort of. I have an idea, but I don't know when I'll have the time to actually fufill. So that means it will most likely be another short piece, at max it would be 3 chapters, seeing as I can't commit to long stories at the moment. Rating, well, if all goes acording to plan, there wil be some mention of abuse, and possibly some partying to the extreme, and the F Bomb will be thorm around quite a bit, so I'm looking at either a strong T or a slightly weaker M. This pairing is not my usual pairing, but I have come to love them as well, they balence each other out, when placed in the correct circumstances. It's not Alice and Jasper, well it has minor parts around them specifically as a pair, but the story suronds Alice and... I'm not telling, you'll see -if I ever write it.

("Cuz, how long will it take you to realize that I can find out anything?") *Rases eyebrow (again)* "Oh really, you never did figure out who cut you Barbie hair did you?" ("You didn't") "No, but I know who."

Random question #3; Now that we know about your first encounter, and now that you two are engaged, like t give any tips for single girls out there?

Well...Wait a second, we're not engaged, I um... this is embrassing, thanks cuz.

("Oh please, we all know he's bound to pop the question any second now, infact I bet he's planning something right now") "He's beside me and just fell asleep, like we should be, instead of doing this..." ("Getting firsky in the office? Haven't you two... serenaded... the whole house already? Or was that not enogh for you? Maybe I shouldn't let Kyle come over 'Aunty Lili'") "First of all why are we talking about this, what me and Ryan is personal? Second of all, there is no second of all, your just jealous Kyle loves me `cuz I give him everything he wants" ("Breathe cuz, I was only trying to kid around here, you're right though, we both need to go to bed, long day ahead of us, Night, see you tommorow")

(¯`v´¯) ¸.·´.·´¨) ¸.·¨)

I REALLY, WANT TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR THE CONTENT BELLOW IS JUST ME VOICING MY OPINION, secondly thanks to my cousin Jenni for setting this strange questionnaire up, it was fun. This is rated T. Viewer discretion is advised.

Random question #1; Why write stories about Alice and Jasper? Why not write about Edward and Bella like most people?

Why I don't write about Bella and Edward, well the answer is quite simple, but before I tell you I'd like to give a warning to any Bella and Edward fans right now, turn away.

Bella I find is a very overrated character, she's an ordinary girl who falls in love with a vampire, and has a mental shield, it's typical, all main characters have some special quality to them, I think Twilight would have been a better book if Bella was truly normal, but I'm no Stephanie Myer, her books are good, I enjoy them, but like everyone I have my opinions. When I read Twilight or any book for that matter, only rarely do I like the main character, its the characters that get less exposure that I tend to fall in love with, I thrive to read and get the littlest detail about them; you know all about the main character(s) but I feel that the small characters are the ones that actually shape the book, they’re the ones who actually make the main character who they are, and who they will be later on in the story. It's that huge space to fill, and it's what I crave for, and I crave to find out more, but sometimes when authors finish a story, that’s the end you never really get the important parts of the sub characters life, only minor details. That's why it's important to me to write fan fictions about Alice and Jasper, yes we get some back drop into their lives, but Stephanie Myer went straight back into a realm of Edward and Bella leaving a huge void to fill. I appreciate Midnight sun, Twilight in Edward's point of view but I would think it would be better if it was told form a different point of view, the point of view of a sub character, that way we get how Edward and Bella's romance looked through a different point of view.

Overall I'm no Stephanie Myer, she is an excellent writer, I'm just merely stating my opinion, if that makes me a stuck up brat, then so be it, I don’t care what others have to say, as long as I know the truth.

Random question #2; After saying what you said, are you saying you dislike Edward and Bella?

Dislike them no, dislike how they're portrayed, in a way. Edward and Bella are good characters when you take them out of the Twilight realm, but I find their stories have been told, so it's time to find another pair. Occasionally, I'll pass by a well written Bella and Edward story, but otherwise I wouldn't think twice on clicking on a story about them. If taken apart or 'edited' in such way they're amazing, though I prefer to see them step back and let someone else take the lead.

Random question #3; Are there any other characters you don't like in the Twilight Saga?

I hate to say it but yes, I won't go into detail on why (that would take way too long), so I'll just list them (I'm sorry to anyone who doesn’t like this), other than Bella and Edward, my list includes;

-Jacob, actually all the wolves (minus Seth, I find him adorable, in the book) they get on my nerves, in Breaking dawn I was tempted to skip his pov all together,

- Aro, I swear he has multiple personality disorder,

- Charlie, one minute he hates Edward then the next he’s ok with him, then hates him again, I mean come on pick a side,

-Billy, just annoying,

-Felix, it's just like another Emmett, it’s a waste to have two similar people in a book, when you could have created something new entirely,

- All the humans except Angela, and Ben, the rest just got in the way, I see the need for Angela, but not the rest,

Random question #4; Earlier in question #1 you said emphasised that its important to have well rounded characters, and that you've only read a select few books where this has happened, care to share?

Yes, I have read a select few of books that have these amazing qualities I crave, and they're all by the author Christopher Pike, he's an AMAZING writer and deserves to be well known, I encourage the few that have actually decided to read my ramblings, to take even a peek at his books. Another author that had a very interesting way of giving some life to her sub characters is Richelle Mead in her series 'Vampire Academy', though I still felt it lacked some, it was much better than most.

Alright quick answer time;

3rd person or 1st person?

1st, unless the 3rd person is done ETREMLY well

Vampires or wolf?

Haven’t I already answered this? Vamps all the way!

Vampires or Humans?

Vampires, duh!

Hale or Cullen?

Um... can I flip a coin?

Brandon or Swan?

Brandon, no doubt in my mind

Brandon or Cullen?

I'm waiting on that coin still...

Brandon or Whitlock?

Mother Fucker, I really need that coin...

Which Cullen guy would you date?

Jasper, I like his mysterious side

Which CULLEN girl would you date?

I'm not lez...I still have to answer?... Fine, Alice? Wait no, she has too much bagage, Rosaline, is a stick up the ass, and Esme well she`s too kind for her own I put a blond wig on Jasper and claim he's a girl?

If you could kill any Twilight character who would it be?

Only one?... Jacob

If you could have any Cullen car, which one would it be?

Porsche, the rest are pretty crappy, actually no I take that back, I want the Aston Martin, that thing could give you wet dreams!

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"I wish I had that knowledge before...before all this happened. But I don't like to dwell in the past, I look toward the future. Why, because you cannot go back into the past you can only move into the future. But just because you are not to dwell in the past does not mean it is to be forgotten; no, the past is what shapes us, we learn from the things we once did. But it is up to us how to use that knowledge.

I am next in line, power will fall, and rise. Life as I once knew it won't be the same. Life and death is in hands of those who hold power; life, on the right hand side, death on the left. How does one choose who lives and who dies? That is what I am here to find out.

This is the life of the dead, how could I not expect there to be cold-blooded murder?"

*Second Place Winner in The Jasper Round Challenge*

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