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I am a 55yr+ old Mother/Grandmother and avid reader.  My daughter is the one who introduced SM's Twilight to me in 2009.  I loved them; couldn't read them fast enough or enough times.  I even had them on audible to listen while I worked..  Oh, yeah definitely obsessed.  I found Fan Fiction after hearing a interview with Peter Facinelli once a few years back, talking about the Twihard fans and all the stories on the internet.  I did some searches and found and of course Twilighted and then TWC.  I must say I have such an addiction now, can't you tell... 

E.L. James - Fifty Shades Triology (FanFiction MOTU I & MOTU II) OMG!!!  Love "My Fifty" Just saying!  Movie coming soon, hopefully!!!!

Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno Series (FanFiction UOEM) "Professor Emerson" he just couldn't be more tortured and sexy if he tried.   I would love to see this made into a movie as well...

These Two Highly successful Published Author's, were first FF writers!  I humbly join the Millions of fans world wide in offering my heartfelt love and good wishes for their continued success as well as love and encouragement to all those Writers/Authors who so unselfishly give of your creative minds with the use of written word.  I however am not one of the lucky who have the talent to do so, but love love love reading. 

╔══╦══╦══╗ I have been diagnosed
║╔╗║╔═╣╔╗║ with Obsessive Cullen
║╚╝║╚═╣╚╝║ Disorder put this on your
╚══╩══╩══╝ profile if you've caught it to!  

I so totally borrowed that from Shannon aka mustlovertp YUP very OCD here

I have many many favorite reads and authors:  Just a few shout outs would be

  • Robshandmonkey - love ya Drea    EEK/Shhhhhh/Taboo/  (Just on TWC)

  • SexyLexiCullen - OMG can we say MobWard QS/WS  or DoctorWard  TSOU/INI

  • CaraNo    - too flipping many to count   :-)   (Just on FF)

  • Sarges Girls - Deb and Jen  OMG can we say check out drtuno for the sexiest Mercenary on the planet

  • mustlovertp -- hot hot InkWard  a new story posted 6/15/12

  • justginger/peoplelikeus   -- Such a awesome writer!  Poeple Like Us and Hope Springs

  • Savage7289  - When Michael Sheen did the reading of Unexpected Circumstances I was enthralled.. what a story ...

  • rbsschess  - House of Hope and Be My Master Headmaster and Human Sexuality 101  - it's not just the lemons but the humor, depth of story plot all around great reads

  • lmlx8  - Diamond in the Rough  - does she ever get inside our heads and Bella and Edwards.... Louise really makes one think... 

  • littlecat358  - Unplanned Perfection and The Demons in My Dreams  (Just on FF)

  • Jenny0719  - Everything again by her is just enthralling and endearing making you read them over and over  (Just on FF)

  • JenGreen03  -  Everything she does is AWESOME (Just on FF, maybe on Twilighted)

 Again just a very small handful of over the top talented writers. Sadly more and more have left the fandom because of various reasons, I just wish to voice I appreciate everyone for their Talents regardless of where they are in the development of their abilities; cultivate that Talent!  You are all  enormously talented individuals and THIS reader/reviewer definitely appreciates everything you write...  

Please please don't be offended if your not on my list above, I love all the stories I read and review... and some I don't .... Yes, I'm also a closet perv ***giggles and chuckles at self***

Oh, I am very much Team Edward and Bella  - Love Taylor - not a fan of Jacob and Bella - but fine with those that do, just not my thing.... I love the HEA's just because I didn't have that in my marriage(s) doesn't mean I don't wish that for everyone else.... See I'm charitable....  :-)      Laters All!!!   Muah!  Kathy

FYI:  Can't wait for next months release of Cosmopolis! 

SWATH was wonderful!   Canne was such a treat if your a Robsten fan as I am... Kristen rawked the Red Carpet in that Red Dress, Geez I couldn't believe it....Rob is alway killer in a Tux...OMG!!! Heartfail! LOL!

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