Penname: FangLoverLX [Contact] Real name: Nicole Campos
Member Since: 22 Oct 2010
Membership status: Member

- Favorite Color: Red & Black

- Favorite Animal: Wolf

- Favorite Element: Fire

- Favorite Cars or Vehicles: Saleen Twin Turbo S7, 2009 Interceptor ABS and Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

What kind of music you listen to?

Any type as long as I like it.

Favorite pairings?

Jacob/Bella (The Twilight Series),

Eric/Sookie & Bill/Sookie (Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood),

Damon/Elena & Stefan/Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries)

Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl)

What kind of stories interest you?

A good story.

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