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Hello, my name is Emily, and I have been given a nickname by everyone I know and that is Blue Eyed Wall. Don't even get me started on the reasoning of it. I love writing though no one seems to share that love with me, so I try to join as many online writing websites as I can to find those who share the same passion as I. I have a FanFiction account, a Fiction Press account, and now a TWCS account - I know, that's not many accounts. I am British and I am proud!

I also love fighting - the art and technique of it fascinating. I know Aikido, Kendo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, boxing, kick-boxing, and so on. I love my Xtreme Sports club - we do things like rock climbing, sky diving, skiing, cliff diving, water skiing, snow boarding, etc. I also do Horse Riding, Yoga, Dance, Singing, Basketball, Baseball, Stage Coach, Cricket, Rounders, Cross Country, 1500 Meters Running, and Rifle Shooting. I love shooting. It's amazing how the guns, rifles, and pistols work. I love the 9mm Russian 'Baikal' Makarov semi-auto pistol - for a good reason, too. The simplicity of it is perfect - few moving parts, economy, easy manufacturing, and reasonable stopping power; Nikolay Makarov - the designer - was a freaking genius. The muzzle velocity is 315 m/s; the effective range is 50 m (54.7 yards); feed system is an 8-round detachable box magazine (10- and 12 -round available on some special Russian models). Here's a picture of it:,r:10,s:0. Please, click on the link and see what I mean.

Thank you for your time, chaps.

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