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I'm a twenty something year old women living in Australia! So shout out to all my Aussie twi-fans! Originally started writing fanfiction in 2010, started to post in 2011 but RL happened and I pulled my stories and went fanfiction dark until now (2017). I have reposted my favourite one-shot called Lost and Found and have recommened writing my favourite multi fiction story His New Escort which is coming along well, I am at least 10 Chapters and 82 pages of content infront of posting! I post weekly BTW at this stage. I also wrote a multi-chapter that some of you might remember from days of old called Eyes on Fire with numerous outtakes to go with it and I will NOT be continuing with that story, I get highly frustrated when attempting to continue that so it will not be happening. Fanfiction (and creative writing in general) is supposed to be fun, relaxing and stress free for me and that story was a nightmare despite all the positive feedback so I am focusing on other stories at this time. 

I am also trying my hand had writing an original fantasy fiction trilogy with aims of one day getting it published but who doesn't want to get published right?!

Anyway hope you enjoy my stories and remember to please review!

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26 year old, multi-millionaire Edward Cullen has a problem. After telling his mother that he had been seriously dating someone for the past 6 months in a vain attempt to stop her meddling ways, Esme is insistant that he brings his girlfriend home to meet the family. 

One problem: He doesn't have a girlfriend. 

Desperate for a solution he tries to enlist the help of his long-term escort Rosalie only to discover that she has unexpectantly quite and no longer works for the agency, or Edward. 

What will happen when the only option left for Edward is to take the angencies new and unexperienced escort home to meet the parents?

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Credit to Xanath for the beautiful banner.  

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[Report This] Published: 04 Oct 2017 Updated: 22 Nov 2017

This was my entry to the When Love Was Found contest that happened on in Novemeber of 09. 

Was just going through my computer and found it, thought I might upload it for someone elses pleasure as I have only uploaded this story on 

Hope you like. 

Edward/Bella One-shot Contest story. 

This story may have a possibility of being expanded into a on-going series so add me to author alert. 

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[Report This] Published: 14 Sep 2011 Updated: 14 Sep 2011