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My name is Dazzled~by~Jake (formerly by Edward), and I love everything Twilight! I especially have a fondness for a certain big, warm wolf--Jacob Black. I love writing stories that continue or back up the Twilight Saga, and I have 7 of them currently under my belt. Please check them out if you have time, and I welcome and encourage all reviews, comments, gripes, and opinions. Thanks in advance for your interest and reading! :D

About My Stories

I first discovered fan fiction back in February 2009, and it intrigued me. I wanted to know what happened to Jake, Ness, and the Wolf Pack after Breaking Dawn so badly that I became hooked. Also, I didn't think there were that many stories that addressed Edward's feelings toward Renesmee. Therefore, my fan fic My Renesmee was born. I only wrote it as a one shot of sorts, but readers encouraged me to continue. Seven fan fics later, here I am, still writing and loving every minute of it. If you're a canon reader, then I would suggest starting with My Renesmee and then continuing with True Alpha and Tessa: The Beloved (both sequels to My Renesmee). My fan fic, Jacob Have I Loved, is a guilty pleasure read, containing spoilers (and not to mention MANY juicy lemons) for my other fics in the last two chapters. Jacob's Tent Fantasy was written on a whim (and I may or may not have been a little inebriated when I wrote it). Sam & Dean Go to Forks: A Supernatural Story was written for a one-shot contest on Freedom Fan Fiction Writers. My first AH fic, What the Dead Know, is a new venture I'm currently loving. I would love for you to read any of my stories, and I'll always respond to your reviews, no matter what. :)


My fan fic, The True Alpha: The EJ Black Chronicles, won Second Place for The Werewolf Award--Best Original Character in the Sparkle Awards: Round Two 2009 and Runner Up: The Original Award--Best Original Character in the Puppies & Leeches Awards: March 2010

True Alpha was also nominated for an Indie Twi Fic Award for Best Action or Drama in Spring 2010, for a Glove Award for Best Story in Summer 2010, and received Honorable Mention (Best Wolf Pack) in the first round of the TwiTastic Awards.

My fan fic, Sam & Dean Go to Forks: A Supernatural Story, won the Faith Filled Inspiration category on Freedom Fan Fiction Writers for their one shot contest (Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010)

Award Banner for Sam & Dean Go to Forks (made by Lindz)

I was also nominated for Best Author in the Glove Awards (Summer 2010).

What the Dead Know is currently nominated for FanFiction You Couldn't Stop Reading in the Twilight All-Human FanFiction Awards. Voting opens August 30th-September 13th. I'd appreciate your votes!

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DAZZLED~BY~JAKE (for teasers, my pathetic ramblings about Taylor Lautner's delicious abs, etc.)

Follow me on Twitter (I have a protected account, but PM me and I'll accept you. Fair warning though, I'm very candid in my tweets.)


I also have experience as a beta and dabble a little in banner making. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can! Just PM me. :)



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Stories by DazzledbyJake
Summary: Past Featured Story


Preface: Renesmee Cullen is a typical junior in college visiting her grandfather Charlie Swan on Spring Break. At a Forks diner one night, she meets her mother's high school friend Jacob Black, owner of a local garage and the new Chief of the Quileute tribe. The events that follow soon thrust her into a world of the unknown—a world of danger, mystery, and ultimate tragedy as she and Jacob race to unearth secrets of the past before it's too late.


Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, All Human
Characters: Renesmee/Jacob
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Suspense/Thriller
Language: None
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 73300 Read Count: 1192
[Report This] Published: 03 Aug 2010 Updated: 19 Oct 2010