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Placed 3rd in the Favorite Newbie Author category for the Fanatic Fanfics Multi-Fandom Awards 2016!!!


I'm 30 and here to read/write and have an escape from daily life. RL as a wife, mother, and a home health physical therapist assistant are my priorities. When those are nice, my fanfiction works can be written.

Any chapter photos will be in public albums on my facebook profile. All chapter updates and teasers will be on my facebook profile and group (FanFics From A Twisted Lady) and on twitter.

Stephenie Meyer owns everything Twilight related and no copyright infringement is intended. I just love to play with the characters a bit!

I love HEAs for my main character(s) but I can't promise one for everybody in current or future stories! Their journeys there won’t necessarily be easy. If easy is what you want, look elsewhere. :)

The Woman in the Woods: Nominated for Twilight FanFiction Recs' Top Ten Completed Fics for May 2015.

Jack's Little Lambs: Entry for the Twilight Tricks and Treats Contest (Halloween 2015). Winner of the Decorator (Best use of Halloween theme) Award, Haunting (scariest entry) Award, and Killer Thriller (best suspense) Award.

Habanera: Entry for the Straight Thru the Heart Contest, Valentine's 2016.

Arbitratrix Diaboli: Nominated for Twilight FanFiction Recs' Top Ten Completed Fics in August 2016. Placed 11th.

Want You Bad: Nominated for and placed 9th for the Twilight FanFiction Recs' Top Ten Completed Fics in March 2017. 

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