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Hi everyone...I'm best know as FangirlinGranma Dee and am trying to get my pename changed so for now I will be sure to sign all my reviews so you know who I am!


Completely FanFic obsessed...that's me! Especially MATURE COMPLETED TwiFics!

I usually don't read WIPs, but lately have been known to make the exception. Ok...ok...I admit it...I'm reading like 30 WIPs currently...but they're soooooo good and I couldn't resist and the writers promised they would complete! So...yeah...there's that! *Giggles*

I LOVE fluff and especially funny, SEXY fluff! But I also love an intelligently written fic that makes me think and anything that is UNIQUE. Of course humor, romance, drama, lemony goodness, sci-fi and action always pique my interest.

Basically I read anything...yeah and even ANGST it appears...but nothing too angsty as I'm an ANGSTrophobic (translation: "big baby") and I have to read those from under the covers! *shudders*

I do have my "FangirlinGranma's Emergency ANGSTrophobia Attack Kit" that I keep handy just in case!


I don't write but I read constantly and have read hundreds upon hundreds of FanFics! So you write them and I'll happily read them!

I review in an encouraging fashion and never tell an author how to write something or bash them! Don't understand why some peeps do that, they are the writer, it's their ideas, their storylines, their imaginations...if you think you can do better, by all means go for it! I'll be happy to read what you write too! Hehehehe!

I ADORE FF writers and think they all should get a raise and better benefits! I consider them ALL my BBs (it's the Granma in me) and am very "protective" of them! I'm their biggest Fangirl (and probably one of their oldest!) and love to try to make them smile in my's just a tiny way to pay them back for all the smiles they give me on a daily basis!

Thanks, BBs, you'll never know how positively you affect my life!


On a personal note, I have been married to my soulmate for over 35 years (yes, "true love" exists!)!

I'm a Mom to one daughter and Son-in-Love (her Hubby) and Granma of two!

I'm a native New Yorker...but a happy Southern-Drawlin "transplant"! (Hey, y'all!)

I have been fangirlin movies/TV/music/books for over 50 yrs! (If you want to know what I like...see FFs above...same difference! LOL!)

I'm FEISTY, hopefully FUNNY, and definitely a little FLAKY!


- FangirlinGranma Dee


I mostly "lurk" on social media and FB FF Groups but here you go:

Dee Creston (FangirlinGranma Dee) (Drama-Free FB Zone)

@FangirlinGranma (Drama-Free Twitter Zone)

DataByteDL-FangirlinGranma (FFN Name)

FangirlinGranma (FP Name & AO3 Name)

DataByteDL (TWCS & Twilighted Name)

FangirlinGranma (TwiWrite Name)

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