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I'm an admin here at TWCS, where I host fanfic contests and run around looking for stories to feature.  I'm also an admin/beta/site designer at SparklyRedPen, a fantastic new beta service for the Twi-fandom.  And when I'm not sleeping, I'm running a little site I own, TwiFic Central, a complete guide to what's going on in the Twific fandom.

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You know those fics where Edward doesn't come back and Bella forgets about him and five seconds later she's in bed with Jacob and none of it makes any damn sense?
Yeah, this isn't one of them.

A Blazing Sun

The first story picks up from the moment in New Moon when Jacob has driven Bella home after the cliff diving incident, right before he catches the scent of Alice. Only in this telling, Alice wasn't looking, so there's no sudden appearance at Bella's house, no Rosalie calling Edward and sending him on a suicidal mission to Volterra, and no reason for Bella to do anything but believe that Edward didn't love her anymore. This is simply a story of what might have happened if everyone stayed mostly in character and Edward's return was delayed. Yes, delayed. Because we all know that he was "this close" to coming back on his own anyhow.  So what would have happened if Bella had tried to move on with her life?  Would she have found happiness with Jacob?

Several one-shot companion stories give us a glimpse at things through the eyes of Charlie, Angela, Jessica, Embry, and the other characters.

Mike & Lauren complicate things, Bella's planning to go to college, Victoria is on the prowl, and imprinting is running rampant.  And that's just the beginning! 
How will Edward react when he finds out what's been going on while he was gone?  And who will Bella choose in the end?

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