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I'm a 35 yr old, who; dispite great set backs, can still over come it to be an author and do what I love.

I love writing both stories and music, reading stories and books, playing my piano, I'm very family orientated and hanging with friends.

I have a beautiful baby brother and a wonderful teenage brother, I also have a great man by my side, that without them I wouldn't have much to live for. I am the adopted mother of both my brother's because my mother is not metally well and also gave me up when I was 10, my father is god only knows where now after he left my mother when she was pregnant with my baby brother. I also have three of my own, 1 to an abusive ex and 2 to my man.

I have been in and out of hospital the last few years with problems with my back due to bad and tramatic circumstances.

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Series by Ezzy

A story about loss, Hurt, love, and the hard choices life throws at you in order to follow your heart.


Based on true events


Bella is in an abusive relationship with a son when she is introduced to Edward who is a single father of one and the twists and turns that life brings as they follow their hearts.


Cannon couples but all human.

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