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Welcome to my little twi-world!

My introduction to the twilight world was through seeing the first film on a random weekend. I can safely say I fell in love with Peter Facinelli, brought the books the next day and read them within a week!

My obsession over the next two years grew from strength to strength until I discovered Twilight conventions in the UK and I've never looked back. Twilight's brought me some amazing friendships that I wouldn't swap in the world and they introduced me to this world of fan fiction.

My first fan fiction was Master of the Universe and then Clipped wings and inked armour. I lose track of all the fics I've read since then and then a friend persuaded me to write my own. So here I am!

I'm completely Team Carlisle but for the sake of the trend, let's say I'm Team Edward!

I hope everyone enjoys my stories, everyone's reviews make me feel amazing and always inspire me to write more.

Current working progress stories:

Introducing Bella Swan: Relationship Novice: Former porn star Bella's given up her career for life and love with Edward Cullen. How will she handle life in London? Could she end up ruining everything? Could secrets be revealed? Rated M for lemons. Sequel to Introducing Bella Swan: Porn Star

It takes two to teach love: Bella is a newly qualified English teacher and thinks her boss Edward Masen is obnoxious. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Can the pair find common ground or something more? A/H.


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