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I write Twilight fiction, predominantly slash. 
I do not write (nor tend to read) Edward/Bella fics as they hold no interest to me. I also do not read wolf fics.
My absolute favourite pairing to both read and write is Edward/Carlisle. 
Overall though, my favourite character is Emmett. Love that guy.

And now, a word of warning to new readers:

I love a happy ending, I really do, and my multi chaps can be relied upon to have one. If this ever changes I apologise right now.

BUT, and this is important, be aware that my one shots are fair game. There are absolutely NO guarantees of a HEA in any of my one shots. You takes your chances with those.

Oh, and one last thing: I do not post warnings that will ruin the story. Just know that I am somewhat unpredictable and one hell of an angsty h00r.

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