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We are Nikky, aka weekitty. AND... Kasi, aka TeamAllTwilight, together we are WeeKittyAndTAT. Nikky is from the UK and Kasi is from the USA. Nikky first approached Kasi just after starting to post her story A Year of Hell. Kasi agreed to help Nikky with her story, and a awesome friendship was formed. After working together with Kasi at times rewriting her entire chapters, and at times barely changing a thing, they found that together they work extremely well. So here we are to post a story or two... or more... who knows. The first thing we will post is a One-shot for Halloween 2011, and a copy of A Year Of Hell. We are almost to the end of His Cimmerian View now and we are posting the Out-Takes under Enduring His Cimmerian View. We will have a few contests we will be entering that will post after the winners are announced. We also have a few different stories on the back burner. We have a Olderward/ Mob story we are plotting out ideas on, and a wonderful BDSM/Olderward story we are outlining and the first chapter pretty much written already. We'd love to know what you think, so feel free to message us. We hope that you enjoy the stuff we post, and look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on our stories we post together. Please read and review. Thanks, Kasi & Nikky

March Drabble Wars: Underground Fight for Love

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Dying To Love

(One-Shot, posted for Halloween 2011)

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Thank you in advance for all of the reading and reviews. Have a safe and fun filled Halloween.

Year of Hell

(Multi-chapter story that is completed)

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Thanks in advance for all reviews and for reading. We know there are a few mistakes yet in this story, but if you can get by them this is a really great read. Thanks!

His Cimmerian View

(Multi-Chapter story, we plan to post every Thursday.)

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Enduring His Cimmerian View


Here are a couple of wonderful fan made Banners:
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Thank you in advance for reading and reviewing our new story.

We have been asked several times to start a Facebook Group page, so we have. Here is the link:

We will post teasers, photos, banners, and story info there. You can even stop by say hi and ask questions if you have some.

ANONYMOUS contest we have entered:

Taste of the Forbidden II

ANONYMOUS contest we entered together as WeeKittyAndTAT:

Taste of the Forbidden Contest

Even though we did not place in this contest, we have posted the story now. Please read and review: Tasting The Forbidden Fruit

Here are links to the wonderful banners made for us by Sarah one of our pre-readers.

Special thanks goes out to Sally, Sally, Sarah and OF course Jess for the help they provided for this one-shot.

Meeting Her Needs

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The Video that Silverblossom Jordan made for

Meeting Her Needs

WOW Nikky and I were nominated in a bunch of categories at the Twi Fic Fandom Awards:


Vet Writer: WeeKittyAndTAT is nominated
Fav - All Time Fic: His Cimmerian View is nominated
Fav - Tiny Fic: Crabs And Cream is nominated
Fav - LMAO Fic: Diamond Dolls Kitty Cave is nominated
Fav - Da Vinci: Deebelle OneFic is nominated (Deebelle1 has made a ton of our banners)
Fav - Drop Everything Fic: Meeting Her Needs is nominated
Fav - Boomerang Fic: His Cimmerian View is nominated

Not saying you have to vote for these becasue there are a TON of wonderful and talented writers and fics out there in this contest, but I am floored by how much Nikky and I were nominated for.


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