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FWAR One-Shot Contest group announces our new theme...




(Graphics by Eva)


Whispers . . . anonymous bits and pieces of life shared from cyberspace.  Uplifting. Angry. Pleading. Sexy. Pathetic. Sad. Disturbing. Encouraging. Scary. Truth. Lies. Secrets. Confessions.    Some from close by, others half a world away.

Your story should feature Whisper* in some way. Is one of your characters obsessed with the app?  Does a misunderstanding arise because someone is sure they know who's posting those cryptic nearby messages?  Confession of a crime or a declaration of intent?

A pool of whispers will be provided.  Feel free to use one for inspiration or find/create your own.  If you use a your own Whisper, please provide us with the image behind your story.

Whisper It.

*Whisper is an anonymous social network for posting short messages with an image in
the background.  Download the mobile app or access online here.


For ALL contest entry information/rules/how to submit entries and what all you need to include, please read here.


**Remember this is an anonymous entry contest**


ACCEPTING ENTRIES:  October 26, through December 4, 2015.

VOTING:  December 7 through December 11, 2015.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  December 13, 2015.














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