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I decided it was time to face reality and get rid of the long stories I had on here. I did that because they honestly weren't good, and I know that. I've decided it's time to post the facts. Almost 8 years ago someone really close to me died. That person was basically my Muse. Without that person in my life I've mostly stopped writing. I still get strokes of passion once and awhile, but it's rare.

As a result I won't be posting much anymore. I'll still post an occasional one-shot. Not necessarily for Twilight but it might be, as I am still very in to Twilight. I may also eventually edit and add on to the complete stories that I removed and repost them, as well as finish stories I never completed and repost them. But that's still years out if I ever do that.

As for the one-shots still up, I had gone through and edited them to my best ability as of 08/01/15 on and now have updated these posts to match. Ultimately, I write for the fun of it. Not for perfection.

"Not me, me I like to keep the things I love close. Hold them in a death grip and never let them go."
--- Detective Jo Rosati, Rookie Blue

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