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Hey All!

I'm an aspiring writer who has been reading and writing fanfiction since July 2009 and I am so excited about this website.  I've always loved writing, and I hope someday to do it professionally, but right now I'm loving the instantaneous response! Thank you to the people who have read my stories so quickly and to my awesome reviewers! More to come soon so thanks for the interest!!  Some of you may know my stories from and over the coming weeks I will be moving my stories here as well as posting all new stories as I write them.  I'm very happy about what is happening here and I have my friend, A Cullen Wannabe, to thank for turning me onto this site and for being an awesome friend and cyber big sis as well as a truly talented writer.  Keep in touch and please review! 

I tend to write "issue" driven work, no matter what media it is in. Which explains why I love reading the stories as well.

Much Love,





Here is the "Who's Who" for Pretenders to the Throne: (Organized by what part of the country they are from or their occupation)

Cullen - Duke: Carlisle / Duchess: Esme / Daughter: Alice / Nephew: Emmett / Rosalie & Vera (Emmett's wife and daughter)

Blacklake - Duke: William / Duchess: Sarah / Son: Jacob (ambassador to Bodie) / Daughters: Rebecca (married to nobleman from Bodie) & Rachel / Harry Clearwater (former general of the Royal Army)

Masen - Viscount: Edward / Stewart of Masen: Felix / Johanna (Felix's wife)

Volturi - Baron: Aro

York - Baron: Cauis

New York - Baron: Marcus

Tanner - Baroness: Bree / Daughter: Jane / Son: Alec

Newton - Future Earl: Michael

Crowley - Future Earl: Tyler / Brother: Eric / Cousin: Jessica

Denali - Earl: Eleazar / Countess: Carmen / Daughters: Tanya, Irina, & Kate

Westbury - Count: Liam / Countess: Siobhan / Daughters: Lauren & Maggie

Eastbury - Count: Stefan

Smith - Count: Alistair

Biers - Count: Riley

Angeles -

Royal Army - General: Jasper Whitlock / Sam & Jared: Isabella's guards / Quil & Embry: Edward's guards


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