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Challenges by marisky130

Write a story about Bella and one of the Voltui leaders (Aro, Caius, Marcus). 

No preference to length, but preferably multiple chapters (can be a one-shot),

Can be (from) a pre-existing story.

No preference to rating

Suggestions (not required):
Tell why Bella (or Isabella if you as the author  prefer) is with the Volturi
What happened to Edward
The Volturi’s feelings toward her.
Sulpicia/Athendora/Didyme (Aro/Caius/Marcus’s wives) though Didyme is deceased.
Use literary devices when possible, symbolism is good apple:: forbidden fruit

Only in English, but there can be other languages added in with translations right next to it in parenthesis.

 Correct grammar is asked (spelling, capitalization… use spell check or a beta). There can be few errors.

For once, don’t listen to your English teachers; clichés are welcomed, just not word for word plagiarism.

Collaborations are acceptable.

No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like.

There are no specific POV requirements

Any  category (AUH, Canon, OOC) will be accepted (except AH because that just doesn’t work and only partial Canon, no B/E).

All entries will be read and voted on by a panel of judges and the selections will be narrowed down to the absolute best then will go to a poll vote.

Contest entries must be received no later  than September 22nd  2010

All entries must be posted on either, or Once your story has been posted, please email the link to for entry into the contest.



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