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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Twilight characters or anything Twilight related.

Hello guys, and Happy Holidays to you all! Here’s a one shot Christmas story to enjoy! :)

Bella is one of the many helpful elves working for Santa and knows how to get the job done with her skills and abilities. When Santa gives her a special assignment to grant a young boy’s wish for Christmas, she’ll see that she’s doing more than just her job.

Bella’s POV

Two days. Two days!

It’s two days before Christmas. Even so, there’s much shrinking of presents that needs to be done, gifts needing to be wrapped, inventories that must be checked and the big old list that needs to be double checking for all the boys and girls who have been naughty or nice. Then there’s the pampering of the reindeers, getting the sleigh ready and running with every magic it has, along with helping Mrs. Clause with the feast to prepare for the celebrations after the holidays.

It’s the same plan every year, pretty much a comfortable routine we elves have grown used to – deliver presents, make toys through spring, summer and fall and when winter comes around, update the list, and start wrapping the presents. After all of that while the boss is delivering presents with his two leading elves, and be back to work the next day or two, depending on how if many of us will be able to recover from the eggnog hangover.

I, myself, enjoy this job just as I enjoy the holidays. I love spreading the joy to people to raise their spirits, I love seeing people spending time with one another as what Christmas is all about, I love the Christmas decorations filled with colorful lights shining through the white snow, and most of all, I love the part of giving to all the kids, seeing their faces light up that Santa had come and delivered their presents, granting their wishes. I just love how I get involved with the holidays with a job like this.

I just wrapped up present for someone named Jason and had it sent to one of the elves for them to placed them in the right location when one of the head elf came over to me.

“Bella, Santa wants to see you in his office.” He said.

“What for?” I asked, sounding worried. I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

“He’ll tell you.” The head elf just smiled as he left me and went over to another elf who was handling on making the toys. That left me curious as I left my post and head into the corridors towards Santa Clause’s office.

What does Santa want to see me for? The way the head elf smiled, it seems to be good, but what is it exactly? I arrived at Santa’s office, stopping to take a deep breath before I knocked on his big shinny door.

“Come in.” I entered his big office where it was in a decorative of a very long list of kids that have been nice all year. There, on his desk in front of the big window where it was snowing outside, was the man himself.

“Santa, you wanted to see me?” I asked as I approached him.

“Yes, my dear Bella!” Santa smiled at me as he got up and walked around his desk. “I have a special job for you that I only selected the best of my elves that are up for the task.” He explained as I stood there in shock. Santa chose me for this job, whatever it is? Wow, this is amazing. I feel so happy and proud of this offer. The question is, do I have what it takes?

“I can see the smile on your face, and I’ll take that as in you’ll accept the job.” Santa beamed as I nodded my head excitedly. “I knew I can count on you Bella. Here is your assignment.” He then pulled out a paper and handed it to me. I looked at it and all I see is a photo of boy, that shows his name Edward Cullen, age, where he lives and a few other information about him and underneath it was what appears to be a wish list. Or should I say a list, because there was only one thing it shows what this boy wants for Christmas and two other bullets left blank. I looked at the boy’s information again.

“A… teenager?” I asked seeing that the boy is only seventeen.

“Yep, and that is his wish list.” Santa explained. “We decided to grant more wishes to make a lot more people happy and that’s where you and the others come in. I trust that you will be fine there?”

I admit, this boy I’m assigned to does seem far off because of his age, but then again, he’s not legally an adult and seems to be in school still, and his wish throws me off. It’s not like any wish you would want, but I want to help. I want to make this boy Christmas wish come true. I want him to have the best Christmas ever.

“Of course.” I smiled.

“Then off you go!” Santa cheered. I nodded and with a snap of my fingers, I used my magic to teleport myself to this boy’s location.

One second, I was in Santa’s office, the next, I was in a dark place with little light. The room looked to be big and I can see why. There I can see the boy Edward asleep in his bed, snoring. He looked be a teenager, or close to becoming an adult judging from his body. His hair looks to be brown, or red, or maybe both. I don’t know, and his face, he looks to be quite handsome, and I’m quite baffled how based on his wish. I looked at his alarm clock and it reads out to be six a.m. I figured that now’s a good time.

I slowly walked over to Edward’s bed who is still sleeping. I bend over and reached out ready to tap him awake when only I was inches from touching his nose, his green eyes shot wide open, and he screamed jumping right off his bed, causing me to scream as well.

“Why are you screaming?” Edward asked.

“Why are you screaming?” I asked. Edward just stood there all baffled.

“What the – who are you? And why are you in my room at – six in the morning?!” He asked after he looked at his clock. I guessed he didn’t like to be waken up early. Oh well.

“Santa sent me here!” I smiled.

“Huh?!” Edward asked, looking all stupefied. “What are you talking about?!”

I pulled out the paper Santa gave me and looked at the list to be sure. “Your wish list, number one, a girlfriend.”

Edward just looked at me like I was crazy. Why is this so hard to believe? I mean, he’s on the nice list so it’s obvious he still believes in Santa.

“Is this a prank? Am I being filmed?” He asked.

“No, no! I’m one of Santa’s elves.” I explained. “But this Christmas, I’m all yours!” I smiled, offering my arms out to him as I’m ready to fulfill this boy’s wish and be his girlfriend.

Edward just stood there staring at me. Everything was silent.

“I wrote that Christmas wish list as a joke.” He said, though it sounds like he was talking to himself since he was looking down, causing me to be confused. “Am I dreaming?” He then pinch himself on his chest without warning making himself yelp.

“OW!” He cried and then looked around until he saw me. “Nope, definitely awake.” He said as I just stood there, still with my arms out feeling very awkward about this.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

A few minutes later, Edward came out of the bathroom from his room in a new change of clothes as he fixed his hair. At least, that’s what he said he did.

“Morning!” I smiled, sitting on his bed.

Edward turned to see me as if he just noticed I was here. “Ugh, you’re still here?” Wow, rude much? I think there must be a mistake on the list.

“You drool when you sleep?” I pointed out causing Edward to feel his mouth. That’s when I hear a growl and I realized that was coming from me. Edward stared at me with a double take. What? Doesn’t everyone’s stomach growl like this?

“Are you hungry?” He asked. I nodded my head and Edward led me out of his room and downstairs into the kitchen.

“Go ahead and sit. I’ll make us something.” He said and I took a seat near the counter table. “My parents are at work right now. It’s just me and my little sister. What would you like?” He asked as he opened the big white cabinet that appears to be filled with food. I remembered seeing something like in the kitchen where Mrs. Clause cooks.

“Do you have hot chocolate?” I asked happily. Edward just looks at me and says that they do. After he makes me a steamy hot cup, he makes himself breakfast of something I’ve never seen before. There was silence as we ate.

“So you’re really an elf?” Edward spoke.

“That’s right!” I answered.

“You don’t look like one.” Edward said, looking at me as if he was scanning with his eyes.

“What were you expecting?” I asked with a raised eyebrow as I took a sip of my hot chocolate. Surely he doesn’t believe about elves being all short.

“I didn’t think elves would be pretty.” Edward said. That’s when I nearly choked at my drink and coughed a bit while regaining my breathing. “Are you okay?” He asked with concern.

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” I said as I settled myself from the shock.

Edward looked at me and then raised his eyes. “Are you… blushing?”

“No!” I said as I felt my face somehow feeling warm and for some strange reason, I don’t think it’s from the hot chocolate, and my heart was somehow pounding for some reason. Did this boy just called me pretty?

Edward and I continued on with breakfast until we were done and I watched as Edward cleaned up by washing the dishes and mug until he was done.

“So, you’re here on Santa’s orders to grant me my wishes?” He asked.

I nodded my head.

“And you are going to be my girlfriend?”

“That’s right!” I smiled.

“Just for the holidays.” He said to be sure.

“Yes, but you only wrote one wish, so you have two more.” I explained.

“So I can ask for anything?” Edward asked.

“I feel like I’m going to regret this.” I muttered to myself.

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” I quickly said.

The day goes by until it was nighttime and I was now sitting in a strange vehicle which Edward drives. He made me take off my hat which I don’t understand why.

“Where are we?” I asked as we arrived at a house where there seems to be a lot of people there and I hear loud music.

“My friend’s party.” Edward said. The answer took me by surprise.

“A… a party?” I stuttered.

“What? Are you scared of people?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“N-No.” I said, trying to put on a smile.

“Good,” Edward said as he got out and followed him. “Because here comes my friend.” I looked to see someone coming over to us as panic was around me. I don’t like this idea. I don’t know what to say in front of humans. Why if I say something stupid and make a fool of myself? Why did I agreed to this job?

“Hey, Edward!” Edward’s friend greeted him. “I see you finally have a girlfriend!” He said to me with a big smile as I nervously give him one.

Once Edward introduced me to his friend, we walked inside to see a lot of people around Edward’s age as they all seem to be having some sort of Christmas party judging the way they dress along with the Christmas music being played.

“Wait here, I’m going to say hi to some people.” Edward said and then walked away as he went over to a group of people.

“Wait, wait!” I called out but Edward didn’t hear me. Great, now what am I going to do? I don’t know any of these people. What am I supposed to do?

“Here, have a drink!” Edward’s friend handed me a cup. I looked at it and it wasn’t eggnog. Well, I have to blend in with these humans as Edward’s girlfriend so I might as well do what they do.

I slowly took a sip, and I nearly coughed; it almost burned my throat.

“I know, it’s a little strong, but you’ll be fine. Just don’t drink too much.” He smiled as he walked away drinking what he gave me.

I slowly drink this juice and it still burned my throat, though not as bad as the first time. That’s when I felt a bit warm around my face. I then started to feel funny, like… I wanted to just… let go. It feels… nice. I couldn’t help but giggled as I took a sip of this magic juice that’s making me feel this way. I don’t know why, but I like it.

I don’t know how long until as I was drinking my juice when I noticed it was empty. I want more of this stuff.

“Bring me more magic juice please!” I called out causing some people around me to look at me and somehow, I didn’t care. I try to walk over to them to ask if they can get me more but when I took a step, I wobbled, about to fall until something caught me from hitting the floor.

“Ah man, give me that.” He said as he helped me up and took the cup out of my hands and I was face to face with Edward. “I’m going to kill him for this. You had enough to drink.” Edward said to me.

I giggled. “You talk funny.” I giggled some more until suddenly, something caught my throat. I placed my hand over my mouth until,

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, HEY –” Edward then gave out a cry when I started throwing up. “Gross!” That was all I heard as I suddenly blacked out.

I didn’t know what happened but the next thing I knew what I was doing, I opened my eyes. I got up and stretch with a yawn. I must have fallen asleep.

“Hi!” I was startled and looked to see it was Edward and by the looks around where I woken up, I’m in his room and I’m in his bed. It wasn’t him that spoke though. Standing next to him, was a little girl who has the same hair color as him. She wasn’t standing though as she was sitting in what I recognized as a wheel chair.

“Um, hi.” I said.

“Good to see sleeping beauty is finally awake.” Edward chuckled. “Bella, this is my sister Renesmee.”

“It’s nice to meet you Renesmee.” I smiled to his sister and then turned to Edward. “Um, what happened?”

“Well, my friend was an idiot to give you fruit punch that was spiked.” Edward explained as he shook his head. “After you puked, you passed out.”

That’s when I finally remembered. I was drinking that magic juice his friend gave me, but I guess now learn to never take drinks from a stranger. I feel so embarrassed now. I then noticed when I looked down, something was different.

“What am I wearing?” I asked in surprised seeing I wasn’t wearing my elf clothes and instead I was long leggings that feels more roomy and a white big puffy shirt and I can feel something behind me and I looked to see whatever it was attached to the shirt.

“My hoodie.” Edward answered. “You got vomit all over your dress.

“You changed my clothes?!” I gasped as I covered my chest with my arms even though I was clothed, feeling violated that he would undress me.

“Don’t worry, my big brother was a gentleman! He tried not to look!” Renesmee smiled as I felt a bit relieved. Well that’s good to know. I thought as I saw Edward looked away, scratching the back of his head nervously for some reason. “So is it true? Are you really Santa’s elf?” She excitedly.

“W-What?” I asked, feeling startled. How could she know?

“Okay, we’ll talk later.” Edward said quickly and took my hand. “Tell mom I went to the mall.” And without warning, he pulled me off the bed and out the room.

“Bye Bella!” Renesmee called and soon, Edward and I were out of his house and into his vehicle. The next thing I know was that we are in a mall, he calls it. A place where people shop to buy presents for others he explained to me.

I was amazed at this place. Everywhere we go was filled with Christmas decorations with the lights and posters and even statues of many things related to Christmas. It looks so beautiful here. I continue looking around as Edward was walking beside me when I saw a group of kids lining up where they appear to be wanting to get their pictures taken. I saw a girl on someone’s lap and on that chair was someone I immediately recognized.

“Ooh look, there’s Santa!” I said excitedly seeing that he’s here. “Let’s go say hi!” I was about to make a dash for it when something caught my arm to stop me.

“Whoa there, wait! That’s not Santa.” Edward said pulling me back to him, gently.

“What?” I said in confusion.

“That’s just some dude in a costume.” Edward explained. I turned to look again and after a closer examination, the Santa I see sitting there is not the Santa I know. How could he? Why would this person impersonate Santa that way?

“Why is that guy pretending to be Santa Clause?” I asked.

“Because….” Edward trailed off until finally. “Because he works for Santa knowing that Santa is very busy. So he and other guys volunteered to be Santa so they can… um… send him a message for what kids want for Christmas.”

“Oh… Oh!” I said, finally understanding it, seeing that it makes much sense. No wonder Santa is able to manage it. Wow, these men are really thoughtful to help out.

“Come on.” Edward said as he pulled me aside and led me somewhere inside a mall. “Give me that cookie.” He said as he took the cookie I was eating out of my hands a few minutes later and replaced it with some clothes. “Go try these on.” He said with a small smile as he pointed towards a room which I’m assuming he wants me to change in there.

A few minutes later, I came out wearing all black with sunglasses over my head. I took them off, facing Edward as I used my hand pointing at him like I had a gun, causing him to chuckle as I smiled big. I rushed back into the little changing room and came out again wearing a white cute puffy jacket with light pink pants.

As I presented myself to him, Edward stared at me. “You look like an angel, not an elf.” I was confused by that comment, but the way he smiled, it didn’t sound mean, so I continued to dress up. Who knew that trying on clothes could be so much fun? It’s like having a dress up party where you can try as many clothes as you want. It was never like this back in the North Pole. Why don’t we ever do anything like this?

I came out wearing a red blouse over a white t-shirt with jeans, readying for Edward’s compliment with a smile.

“Um… that’s okay, I guess.” He said causing me to be confused of his reaction. “Come on, I’ll pay for it.” He said and soon I was carrying a bag of clothes Edward has gotten me. Who knew that spending time with Edward, I would see what a great guy he is. I’m sure his future girlfriend will be lucky to have him.

Wait… future girlfriend? What will that become of me then? Hold on, why am I thinking like this? I’m just fulfilling a boy’s wish, it’s my job. I mean… I am having a great time being with Edward, how took care of me at that party, how got me these nice clothes, and for how sweet and caring he is along with the compliments he gave me which made me feel… special. Everything he does, cause a weird feeling in my chest, which I don’t know why. What is this feeling?

“You’re standing under the mistletoe!” Someone shouted and I turned to see a girl pointing at me and Edward, but she was more pointing up and she and some other people with her were smiling big. I was confused and looked up to see a small green plant hanging upside down with a red bow tie, and Edward and I are underneath it.

“Now you have to kiss!” They said excitedly.

I turned to Edward with a confused look. “What is a kiss?” I asked, seeing that I have no clue what that is and what are we supposed to be doing.

Edward just stood there until he came closer to me. “Don’t move, and don’t be startled.” He said softly, and then slowly, so slowly, he pressed his lips against mine. I let out a soft gasp as I slowly closed my eyes, following Edward’s movement. I didn’t know how long we were doing… whatever we were doing until our lips separated and I opened my eyes to see Edward’s as he was looking at me in silence. “Come on, we should go home.” He said finally and walked away as I stood there in shock of what has happened. Did Edward and I really did that? Was that really a… kiss? It felt… nice. I somehow couldn’t stop smiling as I placed my finger on my lips where Edward kissed me.

“Stop smiling like an idiot, let’s go!” Edward called out breaking me out of my trance as I rushed after him.

“You’re home!” Renesmee called out happily as Edward and I returned to his house and we saw her still in her wheelchair by the TV. I greeted Edward’s sister with a smile as we came over to her. “Will you help me get ready?” She asked showing her jacket and shoes that need to be put on. She asking me specifically.

“Renesmee, I don’t think you should –” Edward was about to tell her, no doubt that it wasn’t okay to ask a stranger to help her, but I answered.

“Sure.” I smiled as I got her to put on her jacket.

“Thank you.” Renesmee smiled as I tied her shoes. I smiled in return. “I always wanted a big sister.”

“No problem.” I said. Renesmee then frowned.

“Can’t you stay forever?” I sighed as I gave her a sad look.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” I said as I looked at her and then Edward before turning back to her.

“I wish you could.” Renesmee said sadly as she looked down in her lap, causing my heart to feel torn to see the little girl be sad, on Christmas especially.

“Me too.” I said as I got up. Edward and I left Renesmee alone for her to continue watching her show.

“She really likes you.” Edward said to me. “You’re really great with kids.”

I smiled in thanks and looked at where Renesmee is. “How long has she been in that wheelchair?” I asked.

Edward sighed and looked away. “We got into a car accident three years ago.” He answered causing me to gasp. “We managed to be alive, but my sister, she unfortunately had problems with her legs. We couldn’t afford the operation for her legs.”

“Oh Edward, I’m sorry to hear that. That must be so hard you.” I said.

“Yeah,” Edward said and was silent for a moment. “I was thinking… could I…” He turned to face me with a look like he was pleading… or maybe hoping. “Could I wish for my sister to be able to walk again?”

“Of course!” I said causing Edward to smile. “You’re a good brother.” I said placing my hand on his face.

“I appreciate it.” Edward said we just stood there staring into each other eyes. After a moment, we broke apart and while Renesmee was still watching the TV, I used my magic to grant Edward’s wish on her. Nothing seem to happened as Renesmee continues to watch like she didn’t hear anything.

“I figured it would be best for it to happen when she wakes up.” I answered for him when he notices. “That will make a very special for her.” I smiled.

“Thank you, Bella.” Edward said.

“Are you really leaving?” Edward asked as I was now dressed in my usual outfit. Night has fallen and just in the nick of time before the holidays and I have to say I had a great time being with Edward, along with being proud of what a swell job I did.

“Well, tomorrow’s Christmas so yes.” I said.

“Thank you for giving us the best Christmas ever.” Edward said.

I smiled. “You’re welcome. It’s part of the job.” I said.

Edward was silent. “Right… just part of your job.” He said. There was more silence between. “I guess… this is goodbye then?”

I nodded my head and took a step forward with my arms out for a hug, the same time Edward took a step and held out a hand for a handshake. We stopped when we saw that and we tried to do it the other way but failed as it came into the same result.

“Um… well, Merry Christmas.” I said and with a snap of my finger, I was no longer in Edward’s room.

Edward’s POV

I didn’t think Christmas miracles could happen. I didn’t think wishes could come true. I never thought Santa would actually hear me out. Not that I was big believer in Santa. I grew out of it once I gotten old enough. As I got older though, I get more presents from friends and family of things anyone would want. Although I am happy about it and grateful for them, there was one thing I wanted for Christmas, and that is to find love.

I wanted a girlfriend so much like my friends have and I was embarrassed that I was the only one without a girlfriend. I tried so many times to ask out a girl, but none of them took an interest in me. I felt like giving up until my mom told my sister to make a wish list for Santa and she suggest I should too, just to play along with Renesmee. Since I have nothing to lose, I wish for a girlfriend. And I knew that seemed impossible for Santa to do. No way that he could just bring a girl right at my doorstep.

When I woke up the next day, I was startled to see a beautiful brunette girl with brown eyes in an elf costume, in my room. This girl, Bella, told me she was one of Santa’s elves which baffled me, and she was here to fulfil my wish. She is here to be my girlfriend for Christmas. I thought I was dreaming, I was just kidding about wishing for a girlfriend! But apparently, this was no dream and this… elf, Bella is not joking.

I didn’t know how I was going to play along with this but I figure I go with it to see how this turns out. Once I got to know about Bella working with Santa and that I already used one of my three wishes, I brought her with me to my friend’s Christmas party. Thankfully, I wasn’t being made fun of as people were admiring of Bella as my “girlfriend.” It was fun until Bella started acting funny yelling out weird things and that’s when I saw the cup in her hand and realized my idiot friend gave a drink that was spiked. I stopped her from drinking more, but then she threw up on me. Great.

I had to drag her home since she passed out. Once I got her on my bed, I changed her out of her clothes without looking too much. After Bella woke, I took her out to the mall to get her some clothes. As we spend our time there, I was actually having a good time with Bella. She wasn’t being all elflike and instead acting like a normal teenager being my girlfriend, something I always wanted.

After we were done shopping, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was taking Bella until someone pointed out that we were under the mistletoe. When I saw it, I was surprised to see it, but what surprised me more was when Bella asked when we were told to kiss. I don’t know what came over me, but I told her to follow along as I slowly, kissed her. She didn’t pull back or retreat, she took it in as she allowed me to kissed her. Her lips felts warm and soft. I wanted to keep going but I didn’t want to freak Bella out so I stopped. She didn’t complain or say anything, but smiled about when we left.

Then Bella continues to amaze me more when she was being so nice to my sister. It was because of it I use my wish for Renesmee to have her legs heal, to which Bella accepts. She says that Renesmee will have her legs recovered by Christmas morning to what I’m happy to hear.

Christmas morning. The night before Christmas morning was when I got to say goodbye to Bella. Though I was sad to see her go, I was grateful for her giving me and my family and Christmas to remember. Bella was happy to help… as it was all part of her job. The part hit me hit me to understand that she came her to fulfil my wish, being my girlfriend… as her job. I should’ve known it was all too good to last. I mean, I’m happy for the experience, but… I actually wanted this to last longer, but what good will it do to make Bella stay? Maybe… just maybe…

“Um… well, Merry Christmas.” Bella said and snapped her fingers causing to make herself disappear before I got the chance to say it.

“I wish you could stay.” I said sadly.

Bella’s POV

Another present wrapped and ready to go as I sent it to another elf for them to deal with. And another one. We just got a few more presents to deal with before Santa takes off to deliver the presents to all the boys and girls before they wake up on Christmas morning. While everyone is hurrying and getting excited and mostly be glad when this is over, I on the other hand, wasn’t really in the mood for some reason.

I don’t know why, but I feel… sad. Why? Ever since I came back from my mission, I’ve been feeling this. I didn’t talk to my fellow elves to tell them the experience I had with the boys and girls there, because my heart… wasn’t in it’s place. It… it hurts. Why though? What does this mean?

“Bella, sweetie, are you okay?” I turned to see Mrs. Clause coming over to me with a look of concern.

“I’m fine.” I said trying to put on a smile.

“Bella, you know you can always tell me what’s on your mind. I’m here for you.” Mrs. Clause comforted me with a smile as she encouraged me to say it. I thought for a minute before I decided to share her what I’ve been feeling.

“I don’t know.” I sighed. “It’s just that… ever since I came back, my heart hurts, and… all I could think about is that boy I helped out, Edward. I don’t know why I’m feeling these things.” As I said this, I feel like there something trying to come out of my eyes and I tried to fight it off.

“Oh sweetie, I know what’s going on.” I turned to my confusion, I see Mrs. Clause was beaming. “You’re in love!”

“W-What?” I asked in surprised.

“Come on, Bella, I think it’s quite obvious how much this boy means to you.” Mrs. Clause smiles.

“B-B-But… how can I be in love?” I asked.

“Bella, didn’t you enjoy spending time with Edward?”

“Well… yeah.”

“And have there been many things that drew you to this boy that made you feel this way?” Mrs. Clause smiled as I thought back on all the times I spent with Edward and everything he has done for me being his “girlfriend,” especially when we kissed. I was feeling warm at the memory of that kiss. “I think I made my point.” Mrs. Clause said causing me to be embarrassed when she notices.

“But… it’s too late, isn’t it?” I asked sadly. The job’s done and there’s nothing else I can do and no reason for me to just come to him.”

“You don’t know that, sweetie.” Mrs. Clause says with a smile. Before I could ask what she meant by that, one of the head elf came over to us.

“Bella, Santa’s wants you in his office, right now.” He said.

“We’ll talk later.” Mrs. Clause said to me. I nodded my head and made my way over to Santa’s office. I’ll bet it’s another job he wants me to do by fulfilling another kid’s wish.

“Santa, you were looking for me?” I asked when I entered his office.

“Yes Bella, come, come.” Santa ushered me forward. He then sighed and looked at me. “It seems that you failed to grant the boy’s last wish.”

“What?” I asked in shocked. I failed? How? How could I failed to fulfill Edward’s wish? “But how could that be? I fulfilled his wish to be his girlfriend and I helped healed his sister’s legs, how could I failed?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about?” Santa said causing me to be confused. “I’m talking about the very last wish he made,” He then smiled. “He wants you to stay, Bella.”

I was silent, taking in on what I just heard. I was shocked. Edward wants me to… stay? “M-Me?” I asked.

“Christmas isn’t all year long, dear.” Santa said.

“But…” I trailed off with the type of news I’m hearing, and somehow, my heart seems to leaping of joy at this.

“I’m saying you can stay with him… if you want.” Santa smiled, causing me to smile big. “Then go, dear.” I thanked him and ran out the door.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I was dressed in my elf uniform. I even took a try putting on lip gloss to make myself look presentable. Once I was done and I adjusted my hat to be sure, I excitedly snapped my fingers.

The next second, I was in Edward’s room once again and I see him asleep in his bed. His alarm says six o’clock so I figure it’ll be okay to do so. I slowly walked over to Edward and gently tapped him awake.

“W-Wha-?” Edward opened his eyes slowly until he looked at me.

“Hi.” I smiled.

Edward just stared at me. “Am I… dreaming?” I shook my head, still smiling. “You came back!” He exclaimed as he got up.

“Your last wish,” I said and took a step back and showed myself. “Ta-da!”

“Does that mean you’ll stay?” Edward asked, sounding all speechless.

“If you’ll have me.” I said shyly.

“Come here.” Edward then pulled me close to him. “I want you. Today, tomorrow, forever.” He smiled.

“You’ll have to teach me to be human though.” I giggled.

“I’ll do anything, if it means you’ll stay.” Edward said and then kissed me like before and this time, I happily accepted it as I am blessed on this Merry Christmas.

Chapter End Notes:

Merry Christmas you guys! I hope you enjoy my little present to you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

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