Winston in my Wardrobe by Faith H Wood

Something for the younger readers (and parents of).

What happens when Winston appears from the wardrobe.....

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The content of this rhyme is fictitious and events are all a result of the authors imagination.


Chapter 1 by Faith H Wood


'Goodnight' said mum,


As I lay down my head,


My eyes all heavy,


I was glad for my bed.



She closed the door quietly,


As she left the room,


BANG! The silence was shattered,






My eyes closed tightly,


I was too scared to look,


As next to my bed,


The wardrobe, it shook.




A monster? An ogre?


I wanted to cry,


But I was brave just like Daddy,


As I peeped through one eye.




The wardrobe door opened,


And then I could see,


A big hairy something,


Staring at me.




It was orange all over,


With huge hands and feet,


And three big round eyes,


Which I found kinda neat.




I watched in amazement,


As we stood for a while,


It then took a step forward,


And beamed me a smile.




'I'm sorry to scare you,


At this hour of the night,


Will you forgive me?'


His voice was polite.




'Who.... who are you?'  I stuttered,


Still trembling with fear,


'This is my bedroom,


Why are you here?'




'Oh forgive me, I'm Winston,


I'm here just to play,


Let's take an adventure,


Far far away.'






He held out his hand,


It was massive in size,


But I knew I could trust him,


When I looked in his eyes.




WHOOSH!  All of a sudden,


We flew into the night,


The city below us,


An incredible sight.




We soared over mountains,


I clutched onto his hand,


Then BUMP! We arrived,


In a magnificent land.




Greeted by creatures,


Purple, yellow and blue,


One had four horns,


He boomed 'HOW DO YOU DO.'




'Sssssso pleased to meet you,'


Hissed a snake with one eye,


'Please stay for our party,'


Squeaked a voice from up high.




I gazed up above,


To a bright orange tree,


Where a three-legged monkey,


Was winking at me.




'Hoorah' said Winston,


'The feast has begun,


Fill up your bellies,


Let's have lots of fun.'




There was chocolate chip pizza,


And bubble gum jelly,


Candy floss ice-cream,


And a cake that was smelly.




'Oh I wouldn't eat that one,'


Said a pink spotty fox,


'It's Winston's favourite,


Made from smelly old socks.'




We crunched and we munched,


And on soda we slurped,


The fizz made me dizzy,


As we giggled and burped.






Snake rose to his tail,


And hissed 'let us all ssssssing,


And have a big cheer,


For Winston our King.'




Winston stood from his chair,


'It's my birthday you see,


I wished for a special friend,'


And he looked straight at me.




'A magical evening,


My wish - it came true,


Please return soon,


This is for you.'




A star small and silver,


Which sparkled so bright,


'Just call out my name,


Whilst holding it tight.'




My eyes now grew heavy,


It soon would be dawn,


It was time to go home,


I let out a yawn.






The next I remember,


I was cosy and snug,


Mum said 'Good Morning,'


And gave me a hug.




As she drew back the curtains,


I sighed in dismay,


Had it all been a dream,


The land far away?




I ran to the wardrobe,


But I wanted to cry,


There was nothing but clothes,


A tear left my eye.




BUT..... there in my hand,


All sparkly and small,


Was my star from King Winston,


The best friend of all.


The End.


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