Deadly Secrets Series by BlackRavenOfPoe
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This is the Deadly Secrets Series based around Bella Swan and Caius Lawson-Brown. There are currently only two stories in the series, plus a Caius POV.

One Secret Too Many - After the death of her father, Charlie, Bella is forced to return to Forks after escaping it's clutches five years previously. When she arrives all her past comes back to haunt and torment her and she flees once more. But on her journey she stumbles across Casino owner Caius, who has just as many dark secrets as she does. Now it is a race against time for both of them, to escape their pasts and build a future. But it really isn't that easy.

Gambling with Secret and Lies - With the past buried for good, Caius and Bella look to the future together, but it is not with out consquences. Is Caius really the man he claims to Bella to be? or is he just as caught up in the lies of others that not even he knows what is real and what is a lie anymore. But hen something and someone goes missing. The past is dragged up again. Will Caius and Bella ever get their happily ever after, or were they doomed from the start?

In My Darkest Hour - Caius POV of One Secret Too Many!

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