Boys of Summer Contest - CLOSED by Bob

The Writers Coffee Shop presents the Boys of Summer Contest!  Whether it's lazy days in the sun or a summer job that heats up, summer is the time for long days and even longer, steamier nights.  Lifeguards, camp counselors, and hot boys on vacation are the stuff for this challenge.  We want your summer flings, your love at first sight, and everything romantic (or just plain HOT!) under the sun!


This category is ideally for authors age 17 and under, but stories suitable for younger readers, though written by adults, may be submitted in this category.  Decaf stories must be rated E or T.





aviThis category is for authors 18 years and older.  Lemons welcome!









  • Entries can be canon, all-human, or alternate universe, and main characters must be from the Twilight fandom. Crossovers welcome.
  • All entries must be one-shots, wholly original, and previously unpublished. No outtakes of or additions to other posted stories.
  • During the contest, authors may not state or imply that a story will be continued later, and no entries may be expanded until after winners are announced.
  • All entries must be beta'd, rated correctly, and have the appropriate warnings. No non-consent, dubious consent, or abuse.
  • Lemons are lovely, but not required. A little UST never hurt anyone...right?
  • All entries must be at least 3000 words in length, not including heading or author's notes. No maximum word count.
  • Collaborations welcome.
  • Three entries max. per author (this includes collaborations).


  • Entries must be posted on the TWCS Library using the Respond to Challenge feature.
  • Entries will be accepted through Saturday, July 9st at 11:59 pm EST.
  • All entries must be in compliance with TWCS Library rules.
  • Voting will begin one week after entries are closed, winners tba.
  • Public vote will determine winners in Decaf and Espresso categories. First place winners in each category will receive a banner, a TWCS coffee mug, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights. Second and third place winners, determined by popular vote in each category, will receive a banner and bragging rights.
  • Barista's Choice for Espresso and Decaf entries will be TWCS staff choice. The Barista's Choice winners in each category will receive a banner, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights.
  • Questions about the contest or issues with entries should be directed to
  • Please respect your fellow writers and readers. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • TWCS reserves the right to remove an entry for any reason.

Each Entry must include the following header:

Boys of Summer Contest

Hosted by The Writer's Coffee Shop

Name of story:


Category : (i.e Decaf or Espresso)

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Questions about the contest may be emailed to


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