A stronger Bella in NM by Hiboshia

When I first read New Moon i was extremely unhappy and Unsatisfied with how the story ended. I would have like that Bellas character was more stronger and self assured aswell as her doormat personality. It bugs me that she forgives Edward so easily, and I think it sets a bad example for millions of teenage girls world wide.

Instead I would like to read a story were Bella grows as individual and learns to respect herself enough not to forgive Edward immediately, but instead tells him that he need to prove himself worthy of her. Bella has difficulties forgive the entire Cullen coven, after all they just discard her, like she meant nothing at all to them. This story should talk about the many faults with their relationship. But also the road to recovery and forgiveness and how their relationship became stronger because of it. Bella should have stayed with Edward in Twilight if he wasn't going to change her. It should talk about the mistakes they did along the way that lead him to leaving her.

I really hope someone is interested in writing a story like this, i've got many ideas, the mean point is that Bella doesn't forgive him in this story easy. 

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