femme fatale by Misty m

  In Breaking Dawn Edward left Bella after their first night together. Little did he know, she was pregnant with Renesme...


-         Bella is changed and joins the Volturi with Nessie

-         As the name suggests, Bella and Nessie are quite influential among the Volturi because of their special skills

-         Bella somehow meets the Cullens/ Edward...


And the story goes from there.



-more then 5 chapters

-include Nessie

-lemons allowed


-genre: angst, romance

-B/E fic

-happy ending

-any characters

*pls include Jane, ive always had a soft spot for her


NOTE: I you want, you can alter the start of the story a bit to suit you, that is only there for your inspiration.

Categories: Twilight
Characters: None
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