A big family ( sex is no scandal) by graetdream

Bella loving mother of two beautiful children is also a very famous, beautiful busness woman. She has a dark past but not dark enough to prevent her from living her life fully.

Edward is the head of one of the major hospital in Seattle and also a pediatrician.


They have many things in common but the most important is how they live their sexuality.

Edward grew up in a family where sex wasn't tabu, when he was 16 his father explains to him every secret. He shown him how to pleasure a woman, how to use toys and be in control beeing at the same time a loving person. Before that Edward always know how sex was important for their parents. He wanted to live his adulthood exactly like his parents.

Bella grew up in a very strich family (sex only after the wedding) but she isn't like that. And she want her children to do not have any tabu. Her best friends are her sex toys but now she hope to find a man that can sotisfy her sexuality in every moment of her days

Very kinky, BDSM story but full of love and family aspects! NO Cheating!!

I already posted the first chapter but without a beta I can't go on, please if you want read my first chapter.

I'm looking forward to read you ideas!!

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