Dramione Marriage Law Fanfiction by Diamonds55


The rules are as followed.

1) Has to be a marriage story. It’s a new law. - It could be anyone that made this law, like Dumbledore or Voldemort. Be Creatived with it

2) Over 2000 words in each chapter.

3) Draco and Hermione Pairing

4) Other characters are Ron, Harry, Ginny, Lavender, Blaise, Theo, Pansy, Luna, Neville, All the professors, Death eaters, Voldemort. –If you want to make  has mant of your own characters just as long as they do have a purpose.

5) For chapters needs to be around 30 to 40.

6) Setting is at Hogwarts, either in sixth year or Seventh year.

7) Hermione is pregnant with twins

8) For the rating it has to bethe highest one on this site.

9) Also Draco needs to be asshole of the first couple or few chapters.

10) Prologue or a Epilogue can be included but won’t count as a chapter

11) Hermione/Draco’s wedding night lemon scene is a rape scene but after that is all willing.

12) Needs to have a major twist near the end and a major death [like Ron or someone]

13) Sequels are allowed too.


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