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Join us for the Phases of Life one-shot contest. In this theme, we'll be exploring the Twilight shape-shifters. Vampires and humans are welcome, too, but the main character of your one-shot must be a member of the wolf pack. *No AH stories please. This one is all supernatural, all the time. Wolf on wolf, wolf on human, wolf on vamp . . . you get the picture: the common denominator is wolf. Have fun with this one; the possibilities are endless. Wow us with your creativity and unique storylines. Lemons are welcome, but not required.


The Next Phase ~ Mrs. Cope ~ First Place




Knocked Out ~ Shadow_Kissed ~ Second Place




A Native American Werework in Port Angeles ~ ContentedTwiCow ~ Honorable Mention 





Destiny's Child ~ Wendy D & LFC Hotstuff ~ Honorable Mention




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