2 Different Challenges by silversorbet

Challenge 1

I can't seem to find a nice enough story where the Cullens are just like normal teenagers. So not a lot of requirements. It can't be a one-shot. Lemons are allowed and encouraged, and I don't really have a prize or anything. I just want to be able to read something nice and I bet others will love to read your stories as well. 

Challenge 2

Okay so this one is because I have a craving that needs to be filled. I need me some LEMONS!!! I don't care if they have a plot, or just random one-shots that tickle your fancy. Any kind is accepted but multi-chapter would be great. I also have a preference to kinky stuff just saying. That includes fantasies, slash, BDSM, role play, whatever you can think of. Once again, no prize just think of this as a sort of prompt to get people posting the kind of stories I want.

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Summary: Past Featured Story



My version of what happens after Bella saw Edward that first day of school. Could they get pass the secrets and build a relationship? 

This is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction. It started as a one shot but I got good reviews so I'm continuing the story. My vampire is a little different from Stephanie's. A little bite does not change a human into a vampire.

The beginning of the story follows the book closely but with lots of lemons then we hit a Fork in the road and all bets are off as Bella and the Cullens do all the things regular teenagers do.



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