TWCS Romance Series Original Story Contest by Bob

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  1. No Entry Fee is required. All rights to the stories remain the property of the author. There are 12 categories available for entry.

    • Holiday romance - Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc
    • Sport romance - Football, basketball, rugby, golf, etc.
    • Men in Uniform - sexy men and women in uniform.
    • Dominance and submission Romance - BDSM.
    • YA High School Romance – Keep the language appropriate.
    • Love and Faith series - religious romance.
    • Happily Ever After series... fairy tale romance.
    • For the love of Supernatural.
    • Dangerous Liaisons – Suspense/Thriller Romance
    • Mysterious Love – Mystery Romance
    • Romantic Comedy – Chick/Lad-lit
    • Tragic Affairs - Books built around a tragedy and betrayal
  2. Only one entry per category allowed. Each story can have co-authors, as long as they are only entering once per category. No more than three entries per author.

  3. All entries must be original works. Entries cannot have been published before in any way, including FanFiction. All works have to be written in English.

  4. To be eligible for entry to the contest, the works must have posted at least 20,000 words in total, but no more than 25,000.  Authors can start posting anytime after the 20th of May 2011 at 00:01 CST and ENDING by the 10th of August 2011 23:59 CST on TWCS library, under the original category in the correct group and you must click on the ‘Respond to the challenge' button under contests.

  5. There is no limit to the amount of chapters submitted, as long as the word count adds up to at least 20,000 by the end of the 10th of August 2011. The maximum is 25,000 word count.

  6. Stories entered are not to be completed, but between 20,000 and 25,000 words. Stories do have to be submitted by the 10th of August 2011, and the writer(s) may continue the story after voting has been completed.

  7. Prizes
    • Prize for TWCS choice: publishing contract
    • Prizes for popular public vote: TWCS mug and banner.
    • Prize for encouragement award: TWCS mug and banner.
    • Button for everyone who entered and completed the challenge

  8. Voting will begin on the 11th of August 2011. Depending on number of entries this will be broken into category groups and will go up on the TWCS news to notify when voting starts for that category.

  9. Legal Details

    • This contest is free to enter, and open to the general public.
    • TWCS authors may enter, but will not be eligible for a publishing contract.
    • Authors who have been signed with another publishing house are free to enter, but please check with your publisher/agent to ensure you are legally able to do so, per your own contract. You will also be exempt from winning a contract with us.
    • Authors who are being considered for a publishing contract must be able to provide an outline for the remaining chapters of their novel.
    • Final word count for a novel to be considered for a publishing contract must be between 55,000 and 80,000 words. For novels over that length, you may query separately, to be published outside of the Romance series. 

  10. Non compliance with any of the rules will result in disqualification. Authors who do not disclose publishing contracts will also be disqualified. For questions or to confidentially disclose contract information, please email and be sure to include “Romance Contest” in the subject line.

Categories: Original Fiction, Romance
Characters: None
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Strawberry Wine by Isis Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 255]
Summary: Past Featured Story


Seventeen year old Alli Wilson falls hard and fast for the cowboy next door. She lies about her age, and has the most magical summer of her life. Things get down right awkward once school starts and she stumbles in to her AP English class to find the cowboy next door is her new teacher.

First assignment? An Essay: How I spent my summer vacation.




Categories: Original Fiction, Romance
Characters: None
Genre: Romance
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: Romantic Comedy
Challenges: TWCS Romance Series Original Story Contest
Series: G8or Favor8s Read
Chapters: 34 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 54159 Read Count: 20875
[Report This] Published: 18 Jun 2011 Updated: 09 Mar 2012
Loving on the Bayou by nails233 Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 50]


Banner by Meliisa Condor! My many thanks XOXOX Love ya!

Loving the boss’ daughter will only bring you heartache. Or will it?

Yvonne is a beautiful, rich, well educated woman. When she returns home to the family cane farm after attending all the best schools in New York, her former life will haunt her. Can she truly forget the only man she’s ever loved? Will a mystery man be her salvation or curse?

Thibodaux is a 6th generation, rugged, cane worker. He’s waited for her arrival back home for years. He knows he can’t have her even though she’s always been the woman who owned his heart.

Together they are a taboo. Even though they know they can never be together, they cannot deny their heart’s desires. Or, can they?

Two masks, one masquerade ball, one enchanted evening leaves their hearts hanging in the balance.

Categories: Original Fiction, Romance
Characters: None
Genre: Romance
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: Mysteries & Thrillers
Challenges: TWCS Romance Series Original Story Contest
Series: Ageise02 not updated in 6mo reads
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 2308 Read Count: 656
[Report This] Published: 18 Jun 2011 Updated: 08 Aug 2011
Second Spins by Isis Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 45]


Lara's common sense and her body are of two different opinions when it comes to Julien Diotallevi.

She remembers all too well the passionate summer they spent together on the French Riviera. It left her heart-sick, pregnant and alone.

She never expected to see him again, but what happens on the riviera doesn't always stay on the riviera. Now he stands before her, still as breath-taking as ever, only this time he comes bearing startling news, and a legacy of danger.


"Close up of a woman's face with images of a man, a woman, and a kissing couple superimposed on the background." />


Categories: Original Fiction, Mystery, Romance
Characters: None
Genre: None
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: Dangerous Liasons
Challenges: TWCS Romance Series Original Story Contest
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 44801 Read Count: 5606
[Report This] Published: 11 Jul 2011 Updated: 08 Oct 2014