Dark Edward/Cullens by AnnikaMalfoy

I'm a huge fan of the dark side of the Cullen Family, especially Edward. I've been looking for months for something good, but haven't been able to find any and when I do find good ones, they get taken off of the sites. That's why I'm asking for you best Dark Edward/Cullens fics. Unfortunately, I have no prizes to offer, but you will have my appreciation and reviews. There are no rules or guidlines for this. It can be any length or rating. It can be vampires or all human, just as long as our favorite family is dark.

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Summary: Past Featured Story

Summary - Bella is kidnapped by a beautiful stranger that cannot kill her, but hates that a human can have power over him. Which road will he choose? When Jacob wants her, will that make his decision? Both men want to own Bella, however her heart only belongs to one. Which will have her in the end? Can Edward protect her from Jacob and his past, or will she eventually be consumed? 




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Vampires and Werewolves. OOC. Darkward. And every so often there shall be a sprinkle of the fluffy stuff. But mostly dark.

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Challenges: Dark Edward/Cullens
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stories/15495/images/MyBannerMaker_Banner.jpgEdward isn't The only one lusting for Bella's blood!

Carlisle has a few DIRTY secrets ,involving how he creatively quenches his thirst.

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