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Summary: Riona and Aislinn’s lives take an unexpected spin after their father fails to pay his debts. The sisters are forced into a human trafficking ring where they run into a boy no older than four; his father just happens to be a blast from Riona’s past. How will the girls escape with the boy and how will they deal with the “Charming” life the Sons have to offer?

Rated: NC-17 due to violence, cursing, drinking, smoking, drug usage, rape, and explicit sexual content. This story will contain some very dark times. Just keep in mind this is an SONS OF ANARCHY STORY!

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of the recognizable characters, or quotes throughout and for the duration of these stories… No profit is being made and no infringement is intended. I claim rights to original characters and original plot points.

A Sons of Anarchy story. This will NOT be a crossover. This will have very little to do with canon. I have given this story an original twist with a few unexpected surprises here and there.

Pairings: Jax and Riona(OC), Chibs and Aislinn(OC)





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Characters: Chibs/Aislinn, Jax/Riona
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