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Contest Name:
Valentine's Fae Tales

Fairy tales usually have happy endings. We all know what has happened in stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. It is usually a lot of romance where the princes come to the rescue.

What happens when the prince is a Viking vampire or Cinderella is actually a telepath? How far can Sookie fall down the rabbit hole before Mad Hatter Eric catches her? What if Sookie fell asleep for 1000 years because of a curse and it took a young Eric to kiss her and break the spell?

Play with your imagination. Be funny or serious. Make it a mystery or an epic fairy tale romance. Whatever you are into, write your own version of a SVM fairy tale.

Happily Ever Afters and Lemons not required but appreciated!

Your Host is: BlackDeadOrchids (Krystle)

For more information visit the official contest blog at:


OPEN TO EVERYONE! Virgin and Experienced should take a shot! Participants from sites other than are encouraged to enter!

Take a storybook fairy tale and integrate it with the SVM universe. Either place the characters in the fairy tale, put the fairy tale in the SVM world or just be clearly inspired by a classic fairy tale. The options are limitless.

1,000 – 15,000 words excluding Authors Notes and header. No Exceptions!

It should be a One-Shot that can stand alone. However, I hope you choose to continue after the contest.

Canon SVM, AU, OOC or AH

Eric and Sookie must be the main pairing. Stories can be written from any POV but the plot should focus on Eric and Sookie.

All entries MUST be beta'd. If you do not have one please go to the SVM Forums and ask for help. Sorry guys but Judges CANNOT serve as betas for any of the contest entries. (If you are a beta who would like to help please contact BlackDeadOrchids to be added to the list of eligible beta's!)

Maximum 3 entries. No collaborations.

Must be a new, not posted story.

Include a disclaimer that you do not own the SVM characters or the fairy tale. Be sure to specify which tale inspired you and what version of it.

Must be 18 to post M rated story. Gratuitous violence/rape/pedophilia will not be tolerated. Please use good judgment when writing questionable themes in your one-shot.

DO NOT POST ANYWHERE until you receive blind judging results. Feel free to post on sites other than fanfiction AFTER the blind judging and they will be linked to the blog. Take the time to tell your readers you are entering, but no spoilers, promos or teasers, please!



Valentine's Fae Tales CONTEST SUBMISSION


Send entry as an email to Title the email VFT Contest Submission By: (Pen Name).

Attach story document in MS Word format or Rich Text Format, please.


Submissions are accepted beginning: Monday, December 6, 2010 – Friday, January 21, 2011.

Final submission: Friday, January 21, 10 pm PST, 12pm CST.

Final Judging deadline: January 31.

Final Posting to Fanfiction Community: Wednesday, February 2, 6am PST, 8am CST
If links are not received by that time the story will not be included in Public Judging.

Public voting of the Judges top 6: Wednesday, February 2, – Monday, February 7.

Valentine's Fae Tales Public Judging: You may pick 2 of the Judges’ top 6. If your story did not make it into the Judges top 6 you can send your readers to the blog so they may vote for your story. There will be a poll there for your stories as well. You can only vote once. The order of choices is random.

Voting will be open from 2/2, 8pm CST until 2/7, 10pm CST.
Please vote, it is the only way to make sure your favorite gets the recognition it deserves!

Winners announced February 11th.


I am honored to welcome the following as your judges: murgatroid-98, VALady, ShadoKat, charhamblin, TheLadyKT, NelBearPig, Mrs.Northman, and donael!

The above judges get a MS Word doc with a story title (but no author or penname) on it and have 9 days to judge and turn in the scoring sheet. After judging, I will email the authors, using the email address that accompanied the submission. That email is to let authors know it is time to post the story/stories on their fanfiction profile, enabling us to link them to the community. Authors will receive judges scorecards in that email. Links to sites other than will be posted in the blog and are still eligible for prizes.

Each of the criteria is given 1-10 points. The following criteria will be judged: basic grammar, story flow, POV, theme use, originality, memorability. There will be a section at the bottom of the scorecard for story pro's and con's for some constructive criticism.

Winners and Prizes:

1st place by blind Judging will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place by blind Judging will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card

1st place by Public vote from Judges top 6 will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place by Public vote from Judges top 6 will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card

Best in Show (Host Pick from all stories) will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card

1st place Virgin writer by blind Judging will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card
2nd place Virgin writer by blind Judging will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card

1st & 2nd place by Public vote not in Judges top 6 (found on blog) will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card

All winners will receive custom banners for their stories made by blackdeadorchids

Host Notes:
I would like to thank everyone in advance for entering. This is my first time to host a contest so please excuse any flaws. It is still a learning experience. I am hoping to see a lot of creative stories being posted in time for Valentine's Day!


Categories: Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Characters: None

Really this is my first contest that I am holding, but please take a look below and please enter. The dead line is the 1st July. And the winner’s will be told on the 20th of July.  


Submission: VaMpIrExPiXiE’s TattWard and Inkella contest

Pen Name: *your Penname*

Paring: *Edward & Bella*

Rating: *the Rating you choose*

Disclaimer: *e.g. I don’t own twilight, Mrs. S. Meyer dose.*



Must have Alice and Bella as best friends. Jasper and Rose as brother and sister. Emmett and Edward as brothers. You may have lemons. And curse words are a loud, after all it is TattWard.

This is a TattWard and Inkella contest. The story may ONLY be 1-5 chapters. And complete before submission. It may be a one-shot. Must be between 1000-10,000 words. I’m sorry to say but I don’t really have much to offer. But all stories (winners 1-5) will have a place in being promoted in my stories. I and a few friends will be the judges. I may be able to give 1st place a banner.

Please pick from these lines that your story is going to be based on/ have in it:

Please, come back to me.

I could feel the breath against my neck

Don’t let go of me, I need you to save me!


Thank you and please enter, come on give it a shot.

VaMpIrExPiXiE or Pix.

Categories: Twilight Characters: None