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Bella has to be older than 21 for most of the story. Somewhere in the story she has to be taken hostage. She has to be rescued by Edward in the form of cop, swat, docter, ect. Edward has to be a man in uniform.

Minimum of 2,000 words, maximum of 50,000. Must be in English. Must be all human.

Categories: All Human, Twilight Characters: None

I want you to write a scandalous affair.  The romance story with a twist in it, but really romantic.  Lemons are optional.  It can't be about dark themes like rape or white-slave trade because is supposed to be romantic. It can't be crossover but it can be original characters or fan fiction. Deadline is June 13.  

Options include (can be one-shoot or short stories !!!!) :

Office affair

Lesbian /gay/homosexual

Teacher and student

Next door neightboor


Already married but cheating on the wife or husband you don't love

Your best friends boyfriend

Your friends sibling

have fun with it and write away your little romantic hearts.



Categories: None Characters: None


Who doesn't love a good Scandal?

I sure do and that brings me to this challenge, I want all contestants to write a scandalous forbidden romance story. I hear you all saying already "that's easy, that's been done, blah blah blah" but! what I want is for you to take it a step further I want you to do a cross over Fic that's right this is a crossover competition pic two of your favorite books, movies, tv shows even mix and match between the three and let the creativity run freely.


Notes to know:

  • It can be any cross over you would like, Twilight, The Vampire Dairies, Glee, True Blood, The Hunger games, Gossip girl, Once upon a Time, Scandal, Nikita, Revenge, Lost girl, Grey anatomy, anything you want.
  • By forbidden romance I mean two partners that are not supposed to be together due to a giant obstacle Ideas you ask?
    • Teacher/Student
    • Husband/Mistress
    • Rich/poor
    • Young/Old
    • Celebrity/ordinary
    • Immortal/mortal
    • Enemy sides.
  • We have kissing cousins, best friends ex's there are worlds of possibilities! So anything like that because who doesn't enjoy a little angst?



  • Must be a cross-over
  • Must have the line "We all do terrible things"
  • Must be a new story no old submissions
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be at minimum 5000 words no maximum
  • Must be a one shot
    • The story does not have to have a complete end it can leave off leaving readers mind to wonder J
  • All forms welcome, AH, AU, Slash, etc.
    • They do not need to follow the original story line at all BUT! You must keep the characters true to their nature
  • All ratings welcome lemons aren't required but are encouraged.
  • No beta required
  • 2 entry's per person
  • Collabs welcome but they count as 1 entry

How to Enter

  • Once your one shot is completed you must post it on your profile ( TWCS Wordpress) whatever avenue you use for your stories and then pm MissFictionJunkieUnknown ( & TWCS) about your submission or Email your link to the email address below


  • 1st place -Banner (One Shot) + Banner (for Personal story) +  $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd place-Banner
  • 3rd place Certificate of recommendation



  • All contestants will be graded on a scale of 1-10 in these categories
    • Creativity
    • Plot
    • Vivid and imaginative descriptive details are present
    • Character development
    • Spelling & Grammar 
    • Setting, characters, and plot are fully fleshed out, vibrant, and connected
    • Flow of action is logical and deliberate
  • Judges are to be announced at the end of the contest along with the tally of each section

Voters Choice! there will be a poll open once the challenge is complete for the Readers choice award winner will receive an $5 Amazon Cift card. Particpents will recieve notice of when polling begins. 







Categories: Crossover Characters: None

Secret Slash Contest

The Writers Coffee Shop presents the Secret Slash Contest!  What happens when nosy neighbors, prying parents, and curious coworkers aren't looking?  From tender to angsty to seductive, from secret trysts to unspoken of attraction, from emotional freedom to forbidden desires...
We're looking for your best same-gender pairings and the secrets they keep behind closed doors!



This category is ideally for authors age 17 and under, but stories suitable for younger readers, though written by adults, may be submitted in this category.  Decaf stories must be rated E or T.





This category is for authors 18 years and older.  Lemons welcome!







  • Entries can be canon, all-human, or alternate universe and may be for any fandom featured on TWCS Library. Fanfiction, original fiction, and crossovers are welcome.
  • All entries must be one-shots, wholly original, and previously unpublished. No outtakes of or additions to other posted stories.
  • During the contest, authors may not state or imply that a story will be continued later, and no entries may be expanded until after winners are announced.
  • All entries must be beta'd, rated correctly, and have the appropriate warnings. No non-consent, dubious consent, or abuse.
  • Lemons are lovely, but not required. A little UST never hurt anyone...right?
  • All entries must be at least 3000 words in length, not including heading or author's notes. No maximum word count.
  • Collaborations welcome.
  • Three entries max. per author (this includes collaborations).


  • Entries must be posted on the TWCS Library using the Respond to Challenge feature.
  • Entries will be accepted from Tuesday, March 1st at 00:01 EST through Thursday, March 31st at 11:59 pm EST.
  • All entries must be in compliance with TWCS Library rules.
  • Voting will take place from Saturday, April 2nd through Saturday April 9th. Winners will be announced on Sunday April 10th.
  • Public vote will determine winners in Decaf and Espresso categories. First place winners in each category will receive a banner, a TWCS coffee mug, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights. Second and third place winners, determined by popular vote in each category, will receive a banner and bragging rights.
  • Barista's Choice for Espresso and Decaf entries will be TWCS staff choice. The Barista's Choice winners in each category will receive a banner, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights.
  • Questions about the contest or issues with entries should be directed to
  • Please respect your fellow writers and readers. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • TWCS reserves the right to remove an entry for any reason.

Each Entry must include the following header:

Secret Slash Contest

Hosted by The Writer's Coffee Shop

Name of story:


Category : (i.e Decaf or Espresso)


To read the rest of the entries, visit

To review the contest rules, visit the challenges page at TWCS Library.

Questions about the contest may be emailed to

Categories: Original Fiction, Black Jewel Series, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, Dead Like Me, Dragon Age, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, House of Night, House M.D., Hunger Games, The Inheritance Cycle, Jane Austen, Stephanie Plum, King Arthur/Merlin, Lord of the Rings, Morganville Vampire Series, Mortal Instruments, Naruto, Night Huntress Series, The Otherworld Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Prison Break, Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Stargate SG1, Supernatural TV Series, Twilight, Vampire Academy, The Vampire Diaries/The Originals Characters: None

I'm in the middle of writing something of my own but I want to see someone write a story that

A) does not involve any characters that did not come frmo your own head

B) Does not involve any kind of Vampire, Werewolf, Wizard or another fantasy creature or being

C)Does not involve magic

D)Is completely set in Reality

E) Does not involve any parrallel universes

There is too much Twilight on here and I want to see something good. Other than the above rules go to town.


Categories: Young Adult, Original Fiction Characters: None

Contest Avi

Hosted by Dirty Cheeky Monkeys!

Why bring in the spring season sorting through last season’s clothes or washing windows when you can be writing fanfic? We want you to create a story to celebrate the coming of warmer temperatures, smaller clothing, flowers in bloom, and love in the air!

The contest is anonymous and will occur in two parts:

1) Choose your prompt pair (1 picture and 1 word prompt) by 02/14 (Valentine’s Day) and submit the entry form with your choices and other entry information. Prompts are posted on the DCM blog (linked below and on entry form), or you can choose your own “wild card” prompts. Remember to provide us with that information though.

Link to entry form 

Link to prompts

2) Submit your entry by 03/13, so that gives you a month to be inspired by those prompts and write whatever your heart desires!

Important Contest Dates

02/14 – Deadline for choosing prompts and submitting the entry form. Remember, prompts can either be chosen from those listed on the DCM blog or those chosen by you as a “wild card” entry.

03/01 to 03/13 – Submit your story. Stories must be submitted in their final form (beta’d with appropriate heading) by 03/13, 11:59 pm EST.

03/16 to 03/19 – Popular Voting and Judges' Voting will take place.

03/20 - Winners revealed (First day of Spring!) on the DCM blog and twitter.

For more information chech out our Contest Profile on FFn ( or send an email to

Follow us on Twitter! @SpringSqueezing

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

Squeeze My Lemon Banner

Starting November 1, 2010 - We are taking entries for our weekly lemon one shot postings

Squeeze My Lemon

These weekly posting are an exercise in lemon writing. As authors we are often challenged with writing a complete story, but we have the need and desire for lemons. This is a outlet to work on those skills. We encourage you to write and submit entries, as well as read and review those posted. We are going to attempt to post every Wednesday 'hump day' to help you get through your week. So stretch those lemon muscles, squeeze our lemon and give us the juices.


Minimum Word Count: 2,000

Maximum: How ever you want to wow us

Subject: Pretty much whatever you want, canon, slash, polyslash, self-pleasure, lemon juice, lemon wedges ~ a prompt will be provided to get you, um, going

Exclusions: No rape, pedofilia, incest, necrophilia (not including vampires) or beastality

Submissions must be beta'd

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

All entries found on Romantic Tragic

Voting is up on A Darker Twilight

Summer's Most Romantic or Tragic Hour Challenge

A one-shot or poem contest for Twilight

When the clock strikes midnight is someone there with you in the Moonlit-night? Or do you mourn the loss of a loved one? Is it by the grace of light that you find yourself falling in love? Or did love's eternal rose fall out of your hand and onto the ground of ashen leaves? Does one kiss equal eternity? Or does eternity equal a lifeless nothingness?

A challenge for all, whether you are into tragedy or romance, adult or youth, one-shots or poetry. A total of ten award possibilities.


  1. Must be Twilight related.
  2. One-shots have a maximum word limit of 5000 words, and poems (also technically a one-shot) have a maximum word limit of 1500 words. (There is no minimum for either, thought it must be complete.) -(Maximums are guidelines only, we will accept longer, but we encourage them to stay under)-
  3. Authors can enter up to three one-shots or poems.
  4. Collab work is welcome
  5. There are two ratings: adult and youth. Adult is M/R and MA/NC-17. Youth is K/G and T/PG.
  6. Smut of any kind is welcome in adult only.
  7. Romantic must be romantic, and tragic must be tragic.
  8. Poetry can be any style (free-verse, haiku, acrostic...)
  9. A beta for the story is preferred but not required.
  10. Any character, pairing, species (human, vamp, wolf...), tense, and point of view is allowed.

Contest Dates:

  1. Sumbissions may be entered from July 15th to September 30th
  2. Voting will be from October 1st to October 10th.
  3. Winners will be announced on October 15th


  1. Must have title, the words "Summer's Most Romantic or Tragic Hour Challenge",summary, disclaimer, rating, warning (if of adult content), pairing, and word count at the top of story.
  2. Must be posted on or
  3. Send your penname and story title to one of the following places.
  4. Can be PM'd at Romantic Tragic, Jadiona, Jacque Lee Smith, Tish Lian Smith, or Cassita.
  5. Can be emailed directly to or


  1. Should be emailed to


  1. Best Overall Romantic (fan-voted) - gets a custom winner banner and will be posted on the home-page of A Darker Twilight for a month.
  2. Best Overall Tragic (fan-voted) - gets a custom winner banner and will be posted on the home-page of A Darker Twilight for a month. 
  3. Best Romantic one-shot for adults (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight.
  4. Best Romantic one-shot for youths (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight.
  5. Best Romantic poem for adults (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight.
  6. Best Romantic poem for youths (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight.
  7. Best Tragic one-shot for adults (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight. 
  8. Best Tragic one-shot for youths (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight. 
  9. Best Tragic poem for adults (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight.
  10. Best Tragic poem for youths (Admins of Challenge decide) - gets a custom winner banner and has the option of their story being posted on A Darker Twilight. 

- All banners are different so no one gets the same one -

Challenge Admins:

  1. Jacque (Challenge designer)
  2. Jadiona (Banner creator)
  3. Cassita (Youth only)
  4. Dreamer's Hope
  5. Artemis The Goddess
  6. A Nightmare's Rendition of Love
  7. Hope In Funny Places
  8. Paulina of Faith
  9. Valkyrie's Hope

- All admins have been posted unless there is a sudden change -

This challenge is now listed on

The winners will be announced with banners on

Be on the look out for the big post on A Darker Twilight introducing the six admins that aren't related to me. As well as posting some suggestions and more info.

Categories: Twilight Characters: None