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The Writers Coffee Shop presents the Boys of Summer Contest!  Whether it's lazy days in the sun or a summer job that heats up, summer is the time for long days and even longer, steamier nights.  Lifeguards, camp counselors, and hot boys on vacation are the stuff for this challenge.  We want your summer flings, your love at first sight, and everything romantic (or just plain HOT!) under the sun!


This category is ideally for authors age 17 and under, but stories suitable for younger readers, though written by adults, may be submitted in this category.  Decaf stories must be rated E or T.





aviThis category is for authors 18 years and older.  Lemons welcome!









  • Entries can be canon, all-human, or alternate universe, and main characters must be from the Twilight fandom. Crossovers welcome.
  • All entries must be one-shots, wholly original, and previously unpublished. No outtakes of or additions to other posted stories.
  • During the contest, authors may not state or imply that a story will be continued later, and no entries may be expanded until after winners are announced.
  • All entries must be beta'd, rated correctly, and have the appropriate warnings. No non-consent, dubious consent, or abuse.
  • Lemons are lovely, but not required. A little UST never hurt anyone...right?
  • All entries must be at least 3000 words in length, not including heading or author's notes. No maximum word count.
  • Collaborations welcome.
  • Three entries max. per author (this includes collaborations).


  • Entries must be posted on the TWCS Library using the Respond to Challenge feature.
  • Entries will be accepted through Saturday, July 9st at 11:59 pm EST.
  • All entries must be in compliance with TWCS Library rules.
  • Voting will begin one week after entries are closed, winners tba.
  • Public vote will determine winners in Decaf and Espresso categories. First place winners in each category will receive a banner, a TWCS coffee mug, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights. Second and third place winners, determined by popular vote in each category, will receive a banner and bragging rights.
  • Barista's Choice for Espresso and Decaf entries will be TWCS staff choice. The Barista's Choice winners in each category will receive a banner, a listing in TWCS Hall of Fame, and bragging rights.
  • Questions about the contest or issues with entries should be directed to
  • Please respect your fellow writers and readers. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • TWCS reserves the right to remove an entry for any reason.

Each Entry must include the following header:

Boys of Summer Contest

Hosted by The Writer's Coffee Shop

Name of story:


Category : (i.e Decaf or Espresso)

To read the rest of the entries, visit

Questions about the contest may be emailed to


Categories: Twilight Characters: None

I don't know of anyone braver than those men and women in uniform and their families. Soldiers, Firefighters, and Police officers risk their lives every day to keep our world a safer place. So we here at Twific Reviews think that they deserve their own contest. So "For the Love of a Man in Uniform" is born.
Here are the rules:


  • Your story must be based on a man/woman in uniform or their loved ones. This includes: soldiers, sailors, marines, pilots, police officers, firefighters and medical personnel
  • Your story must be a One Shot and please no previously posted stories or outtakes.
  • The One Shot must be between 2,000 and 20,000 words not including an A/N or the contest heading which you must include in the document.
  • Any Paring is allowed
  • Any Rating is allowed. Lemons are not required, but are always appreciated!
  • This is an anonymous contest so please don't cheat by telling people that it's your story...we will eventually find out and then you will be disqualified. Plus cheating isn't cool!
  • Collaborations are allowed, but please remember to include all members pen-names in the heading.
  • The limit is two entries per individual or collaboration
  • We ask that you keep away from the topics of Rape and Incest or anything creepy like that. Also please also no Pedophilia (unless it's century year old vamps with 17 year old girls), bestiality (unless it's with warewolves)....geesh what is it with this series we're reading!
  • Finally, please get your stories Beta'd...if you don't have someone available to beta for you I suggest sending the story to Project Team Beta: It does take time to get this done so don't wait until the very last minute to send it in. We're giving you plenty of time. If you are still having problems just get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help you out.

Submission Heading: "For the Love of a Man in Uniform" O/S Contest 

Pen-name: (Will be removed to keep the contest anonymous)


Word Count:





Important Dates: June 1st - June 30th Accepting Entries July 1st - July 15th

Voting Open July 23rd Winners Announced

The stories will be judged by several of our review h00rs and as for the prizes...The winning stories will be featured here on the blog and will receive personalized banners made by the lovely FrozenSoldier who made our contest banner.

E-mail your entries or any questions you have to

Entries must be received by 11:59PM EST 6/30/2011

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

The Hope Springs Eternal Contest is about finding the bright side. Everyone goes through challenges in life, it's how you deal and move forward that truly illuminates the character of the person.

So write us whatever you want, but please, don't make it a picture perfect characterization of life. The flaws, the heartache, the battle and triumphs are what we want to read about.

Select one of our many prompts to get your inspiration.  Then go write us your best tale of hope.  That in the end, things will get better.

I'm not saying you have to make your story a sickly sweet happily ever after,  but we do want to see some promise of better things down the road.

It also doesn't need to be super angsty, just write us a tale of life's ups and downs.

This is a Twilight Contest.  Check out our blog site for all the rules & other information.

Accepting entries starting March 1, 2012

Categories: Twilight Characters: None


The "I love you Daddy" Contest is on a search for the Best Edward and Carlisle "Daddy" moment! Stories must have the words "I love you Daddy" to be accepted. They can be AU-H, AU, cannon, Pre-twilight, Etc!

When nominating please have the story or stories with there title, link, rating, and if they are for Carlisle or Edward "Daddy" moments. Send all entries to . Nominations deadline is on August 3, 2011, so hurry!


Categories: Twilight Characters: None

FWAR One-Shot Contest group announces our new theme...




(Graphics by Eva)


Whispers . . . anonymous bits and pieces of life shared from cyberspace.  Uplifting. Angry. Pleading. Sexy. Pathetic. Sad. Disturbing. Encouraging. Scary. Truth. Lies. Secrets. Confessions.    Some from close by, others half a world away.

Your story should feature Whisper* in some way. Is one of your characters obsessed with the app?  Does a misunderstanding arise because someone is sure they know who's posting those cryptic nearby messages?  Confession of a crime or a declaration of intent?

A pool of whispers will be provided.  Feel free to use one for inspiration or find/create your own.  If you use a your own Whisper, please provide us with the image behind your story. 

Entry can be original fiction or fanfiction any pairing.  Your choice.

Whisper Me This

*Whisper is an anonymous social network for posting short messages with an image in
the background.  Download the mobile app or access online here.


For ALL contest entry information/rules/how to submit entries and what all you need to include, please read here.


**Remember this is an anonymous entry contest**


ACCEPTING ENTRIES:  October 26, through December 4, 2015.

VOTING:  December 7 through December 11, 2015.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  December 13, 2015.










Categories: Original Fiction Characters: None

Challenge 1

I can't seem to find a nice enough story where the Cullens are just like normal teenagers. So not a lot of requirements. It can't be a one-shot. Lemons are allowed and encouraged, and I don't really have a prize or anything. I just want to be able to read something nice and I bet others will love to read your stories as well. 

Challenge 2

Okay so this one is because I have a craving that needs to be filled. I need me some LEMONS!!! I don't care if they have a plot, or just random one-shots that tickle your fancy. Any kind is accepted but multi-chapter would be great. I also have a preference to kinky stuff just saying. That includes fantasies, slash, BDSM, role play, whatever you can think of. Once again, no prize just think of this as a sort of prompt to get people posting the kind of stories I want.

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

It can be anything you like as long as it's 50 words.

This was a writing challenge issued in my upper level creative writing class and I thought it would be fun to try it out here.

The only rules are it must be fiction, it must be your own work, and try not exceed the 50 word limit. There is not a limit on entries, category or genre.

Here is an example:

One eye was warm brown, like melting chocolate for dipping; the other was a cold slate gray. He moved closer with his pen light. "Sit back and relax. It will be over soon." "But I don't want them changed. I like the difference in color." Her mother paled at the idea.

Categories: Original Fiction Characters: None