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Set post breaking dawn. When Bella is hunting with Nessie   and jacob they get attack my a group of new borns. when sudden a unknown very powerful vampire save Bella and protect Nessie and latter claim to be Nessie true vampire mate. The vampire is related to the Jasper past life or somone else  he known was one of the most powerful and feard vampire. 


the Cullen must to learn accept the fact the he is the new mate to Nessie plus he Jasper Long lost realtive.

Jacob can and get angry and fight for her

Nessie has to fell for her new mate and understand that she can hate Jaob  over time. 

has to have a  imprint is trumps by a true vampire mate. and there can be a myth behind it.

make the new mate have many powers and can block or turn off powers even shape shifterr powers. he has to hate shape shifter  and children of the moon.


Create a mysteries and dark history back round for Nessie new mate


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Two years have passed since Edward left Bella in the middle of the forest. And while life has gone on Bella's is forever frozen in that one moment that utterly and entirely broke her. She moves from withdrawn, to destructive, to suicidal at dizzying speeds. Anything remotely dangerous and she's there attracted like a moth to a flame; cliff diving, sky diving, base jumping, snow boarding, motocycle racing, you name it and she's done it, twice. But soon her daily routine of dispair is disrupted when the vampire Cullens, downsized, move back to the sleepy town of Forks. 

Bella doesn't take their reappearance lightly and vows to never let them hurt her again. But is that really in her power? Can she stay away from the family she came to love like her own? And what  does she do when she finds herself falling for a Cullen she once considered a sibling? Can she really keep her distant and push them away?

Carlisle and Esme want to know how Bella is doing since their abrupt departure and since Edward hasn't been in contact with them since then they decide to return. Alice, Emmett, and Jasper also return. Rosalie too if the pairing isn't Bella/Emmett.

Pairing should be one of the following: Bella/Alice(my personal favorite), Bella/Emmett, or Bella/Jasper. 

If its Bella/Jasper please no evil Alice. I can't stand stories that make my faovrite little pixie evil and vendictive. 

New characters can be introduced as mates. Such as if Bella/Emmett then Rosalie can have a new mate. Or Bella/Jasper then Alice could have one. Or even Bella/Alice then Jasper can have a new one. 

If you want to throw Jacob in there somewhere thats fine too. I don't care either way. 

And most important of all please try to stay in character and don't stray into OOC land too much. Its scary there. 

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

Either hunger games/true blood/Alice in wonderland or twilight. In hunger games Katniss has to be paired with either Gloss/Finnick- and with Finnick pretend the rape/coercion doesn't happen because the fics can't have TOO much angst. With twilight it's bella and either Jasper/Peter/Garrett/Caius/Marcus/Carlisle or Emmett- also maybe make the vampires more vampirey. True blood- any charater is fine as long as it's not Bill and with Alice in wonderland any pairing will do as long as its with Alice

Any rating, poly is allowed but no slash - at least not with the main pairing/s, also nothing too violent. The pairing also doesn't have to be romantic or there could be both a familial/friend and romantic pairing


Categories: Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Alice {in wonderland} (TV Show), Twilight, Hunger Games Characters: Other Pairings