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a story or one shot were edward is part of the mafia and has no plans of changing that fact and bella has to learn about his lifestyle and live with bella and edward only

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Bilderesultat for molly weasley

The point of this challenge is that Molly Weasley gets to hear a few choice words from others.

I love a good story where someone just can't take another word from Molly.

Must have:
- one or more agreeing about what is being said about her.
- Harry must be good friends with at least Fred (if he is alive) & George.
- at least 5000 words (but I hope for more!)
- an audience of at least 4 people to hear her.
- Harry cannot be married to Ginny.


- can be from canon or non-canon.
- Harry but can be divorced from Ginny.
- can contain Arthur Weasley being potioned with love potion or another potion to explain how docile he is.
- it can be about Harry or something involving him.
- Hermione married Ron.

Here are some of my reasons for not liking Molly Weasley:
- she is to overbearing and sometimes screeches like a crazy person.
- se coddles her children and baby's  them to much.
- she going to get them killed the way she keeps important information from them.

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The contest theme is 'Musical Cues'... pick a song, any song.  Write a one-shot that brings that song to life in full-blown technicolor, or sepia tones or black and white.  Just make us feel it.

You must provide a link to your song so readers can listen along while they read.  This is a Twilight contest, but we are allowing Crossovers and/or your own original characters during this theme.  At least one of the main characters of the one-shot must be from the Twi-Universe; the rest is up to your imagination and creativity.



Submission Dates: Entries will be accepted from November 15, 2010 until midnight EST on December 8, 2010. **The Deadline for use of our beta services is December 6, 2010.

Voting Dates: Voting will take place from December 13th through December 18, 2010, at which time the poll will be closed and the winner announced.

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1. The one-shot must be between 2500 and 15000 words and fit the theme of the current contest. *Authors are welcome to submit multiple entries.

2. Must be a new, original one-shot that has never been posted anywhere before, and cannot be an outtake from an existing story.

3. Stories can be any genre (see link below) and rating as long as the story meets the requirements of the theme of the current contest.

4. We highly recommend utilizing a beta to go over your story and correct any errors. While FreeWriters and Readers does not require stories be beta'd, many readers are put off by sloppy grammar and punctuation. If you choose to submit a story unbeta'd, you do so at your own risk. If you do not have a beta of your own, we offer limited beta services. (Please see details below under 'Beta Services')

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Sarita Dreaming
Sandy A.K.A. "SandytheSandstorm"

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A well educated, but plain and lonely professor's life becomes entangled with a fiery, rough Italian chef.  Their attraction is a shock and not altogether a welcome intrusion into their boring lives.  After meeting each other though, not being together is no longer an option. 

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Edward and Bella knew each other as humans, but were separated by tragedy. They meet again 100 odd years later in Forks as vampires.

You can choose wether they were actually together or if one of them was just a child at the time. Your choice. Bella and Edward are not to have any other love interests and everything must be canon. Can be in Epov or Bpov, or both.

I don't have anything to offer as a prize except my appreciation. I hope it's enough.

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