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The Wayward Pushers blog is hosting a contest: I'm With The Band! Write about your favorite Twilight characters rocking out, going to Woodstock or meeting their favorite musician.

There are both quote prompts and image prompts to choose as your inspiration.

1,500 to 10,000 words.

Submissions are being accepted now! Deadline is October 15th.


Visit the blog for more details!


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Bella and Jacob are married, but their marriage isn't like it used to. Their is no passion, no sparks, no fire. They go to Las Vegas to try and solve their money problems in a casino that's owned by our favorite Edward Cullen. He sees Bella and he is immediately taken by her, he wants her for himself and he offers Jacob and Bella a large amount of money for one night with bella.

Loosly based on the movie, one shot, nc 17 or m.

Categories: Twilight Characters: None

This challange is to see who can write the best x-men/ twilight crossover story.

The catch is Bella HAS to be Logans daughter! it has to be a full story, NO ONE-SHOTS! must be a Bella/Edward story. The rest is up to you the writer. Be creative and inventive with your ideas. The story can take place in any time frame of either series.

Also the chapters have to be posted atleast once a month! each chapter has to have a minimum of 1,000 words!

;) now what are yoou waitin for? get to writing! ;)

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