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I am searching for a sad, tear jerking ending and a very dark Edward. If you are up to the challenge let me know.



1. There must be a *main* character death.

2. Cannon Pairs / One Shots OK

3. Must include how Edward and Bella met

4. Must give background on their life experiences that made them they way they are




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Bella is someone truely at kin with horses. She lives on a ranch that is family focused. She deals with troubled and aboused horses and is an avid believer in natural practices that come from the heart and soul. She has a real gift. You can do pretty much what you want with the characters but they have to end up being the same as in the books.

I don't have anything to offer the winner accept my apreshiation. There are no rules either, you can make it any rating yup wamt but it has to be a Bella and Edward story. I really like this show called heartland but not really the characters and that'w where I got this idea from, so...yeah! I hope you write a story for my challenge!

I got this picture from:

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