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Summary: so hi. Lately i have taken a liking at stories about bdsm ya know especially the ones where the girl is the dominate. I prefer male X female tho just because :) So far i have only read twilight bdsm and it angered me that they all leave it incomplete . This is my first time on here and im usually always on JBFF but yea ive read all the interesting fics there sigh. So yea give me stories that have bdsm in it. Im a fast reader so the bigger amount of chapters the better. Bye.
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Write a story about Bella and one of the Voltui leaders (Aro, Caius, Marcus). 

No preference to length, but preferably multiple chapters (can be a one-shot),

Can be (from) a pre-existing story.

No preference to rating

Suggestions (not required):
Tell why Bella (or Isabella if you as the author  prefer) is with the Volturi
What happened to Edward
The Volturi’s feelings toward her.
Sulpicia/Athendora/Didyme (Aro/Caius/Marcus’s wives) though Didyme is deceased.
Use literary devices when possible, symbolism is good apple:: forbidden fruit

Only in English, but there can be other languages added in with translations right next to it in parenthesis.

 Correct grammar is asked (spelling, capitalization… use spell check or a beta). There can be few errors.

For once, don’t listen to your English teachers; clichés are welcomed, just not word for word plagiarism.

Collaborations are acceptable.

No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like.

There are no specific POV requirements

Any  category (AUH, Canon, OOC) will be accepted (except AH because that just doesn’t work and only partial Canon, no B/E).

All entries will be read and voted on by a panel of judges and the selections will be narrowed down to the absolute best then will go to a poll vote.

Contest entries must be received no later  than September 22nd  2010

All entries must be posted on either, or Once your story has been posted, please email the link to for entry into the contest.



Categories: None Characters: None

The story must have Bella being used against her will for sexual reasons to someone. NO JACOB. Perferably EDWARD.. lots of Darkward needed. 


Categories: Twilight Characters: None



Insaneella? Or killerella? Then this is for you!


Bella's insane contest Is Open and accepting entries at this time, until September 1st. Please read the following guidelines and rules before posting or entering.


Rules And Information


According with the books, Bella is the person you would never think to snap into a serial killer, insane person. In this contest, We want to see you get creative in this brand new, one shot contest! Make Bella into a different personality, kill, torture Mike Newton. Have Bella be in a dream like state and think she is a vampire and get her submitted into a mental ward. We Want you to use your imagination.



Banners for the first place story overall, and contest banner for the winner on each category


Best Smut

Most Insane

Most dangerous killer

Worst Nightmare

Best Relationship

Best Character (Major/Minor/Original)

Most Terrifying Moment

*We reserve the right to modify number of winners based on participation*




Entries must be NEW one shots and may not be continued until after the contest is over.


Entries must revolve around an insane Bella.


Smut is encouraged but not required.


All Pairings/Characters Welcome



Up to 2 entries allowed per author


Collabs welcome (Collabs will count towards your 2 entry maximum)


Entries must be 2,500 to 15,000 words


Entries must be rated appropriately


Participants must be 18 or older.


All POV's welcome.


All genre's welcome as long as the story meets the requirements of the theme.


Hosts reserve the right to reject any entry we feel is inappropriate


Please have your one shots beta'd. No one wants to read a story with an overwhelming amount of errors. If you need help, try out some of the beta services available.


Hosts reserve the right to modify awards given based on participation.


- All pairings are welcome.


- AH/AU/Canon/Non-Canon/Slash


-You may have violence and abuse in the story just not heavy descriptions where it can send people into a panic attacks..make sure to have a warning on the A/N note.


Please DON'T submit entries with scenes of rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia.


September 1st all entries are due, 

Public Voting: Sept 1st- 15th 
Winners Will Be Announced the Following Week Through our Twitter: 17th of September. 


How to Enter:



Once your entry is ready for submission, please post it to your personal fanfiction account. After it is posted, please send us either a PM or email to let us know that you'd like your entry to be validated. Once it's validated it will be added to our C2 and officially entered into the contest. Please do not send us your entry directly, it will need to be posted to your personal account.


Introducing Your Hosts




Misfit Heartbreak author of


"We Found Love In Drugs" , "His Mate", and "MockingBird"



FemmeCullen author of

"Edella and Beward", "Hunab Ku" and "A Love Like Yours"








Categories: All Human, Twilight, Alternate Universe Characters: None


I want a story in which Bella and Jasper are together.


The Cullens, Peter and his mate have to be in it

The wolf pack cannot be in it

There must be ATLEAST 1 pregnancy in it--preferably Bella

I would like to see a Banner, but I you cant have one, that ok to.


Enjoy the challenge and i look forward to reading your stories

Bella/Jasper Alternate Universe

This Amazing Banner Is Made By The Amazing Mehek18






Categories: Twilight Characters: None


Beyond the Pale

A contest for one-shot stories inspired by images that imply secret desires, habits, and happenings. Fetish and deviance. The forbidden. The socially UNacceptable. What goes on behind closed doors only. What pushes beyond the pale. The otherwise untouchable. The taboo.

There is a place and time for everything and this is the here and now for you to push the conventional envelope. The trick though; the key here is to push and not set fire to said envelope. This is a contest calling for the exploration of adult content that may be considered controversial, and it should be treated in an adult manner - articulately and artistically. The point is to tow the line, to haunt; not to flagrantly attempt to shock and disgust. You can write about exploitation without being exploitative.

This is a contest open to any and all pairings, AH and AU. It is an invitation, a call to let your imagination run wild into the dark.

Myself, and the other hostesses, have experience with controversial content. We, ourselves as well as all of you, know the difference between a disturbing image backed by a gripping plotline, and abuse that is just plain excessive and egregious. The latter WILL be found unacceptable and will NOT be added to the C2. Push limits, but do so with common sense and eloquence.

To Enter:
Visit the website: and choose one of the images provided as inspiration for a story.



Include in your A/N the number of the image chosen, as well as any warnings you feel are appropriate.

A minimum standard of grammar is expected. You are strongly advised to use a beta.

Collaborations are acceptable.

Must be a one-shot and must be a new story and not an outtake from a pre-existing story.

The one-shot cannot be continued until the contest is complete.

No entry limit. You may write as many as you'd like.

A maximum of 20,000 words not including header, disclaimer, AN etc.

There are no specifics on POV and all categories (AUH, AH, Canon, OOC) will be accepted.

All submissions will be screened to ascertain that these requirements have been met before being added to the C2. Hostesses reserve the right to reject, or return for further editing, any stories which they feel are not respectful of the seriousness and gravity of their content.

All entries will be read and voted on by a panel of judges and the selections will be narrowed down to 20 which will go forward to the Open Vote.

Contest entries must be received no sooner than Tuesday August 10th 2010 and no later than midnight (PST) Saturday September 11th 2010

Public vote will be started on or about Monday September 13th 2010, ending midnight (PST) Tuesday September 21st 2010.

All entries must be posted on Once your story has been posted, please submit the link via email to for entry into the contest.

We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to dates and/or rules should that become necessary.


All entries must feature the following heading:


Beyond the Pale Contest


Pen Name:



Image that Inspired You:

To see other entries in the Beyond the Pale Contest, please visit the C2 page:


Important Dates:

Opening: 10th August

Closing: 11th September

Voting Starts: 13th September

Voting Ends: 21st September

Winners Announced: 23rd September


This competition is being hostessed by YellowGlue, dihenydd, Arden8283, Sweetp-1, tuleangel, AnnetteInoz, and SweetDulcinea. With the beautiful helping hands of PortiaKhalo, anythingzombie, and Anomolly. None of the hostesses will either enter the competition or beta for it.


All winning banners will be made by YellowGlue, each one especially unique to each story and author.

1) PM us from our profile:

2) Email us:

Contact us any time with questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, etc.

ALSO: any entries that are approved and added to the C2 are also automatically approved for the upcoming Truly, Madly, Darkly Contest, hosted by Deviants of the Dark. While the entries here must be able to stand on their own, as one-shots, they may serve as trailers/prologues/first chapters for said contest. More details will be posted here, and on that profile page once it is up and running. If you have questions regarding this please feel free to email or PM us, or contact YellowGlue.

We absolutely cannot wait to start reading :)





Categories: Twilight Characters: None