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I would really like it if someone wrote a story that is more about the father/daughter relationship between renesmee and edward in breaking dawn or you can write the part when edward meets nessie in breaking dawn in edward's pov.

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Please find the link toward the bottom to fill out the FORM. This is the only way we can assign you a Chapter/Scene.

Where there any parts of the Twilight Saga movies that you would have changed?

Some aspect you would have altered or put your own spin on it?

Did Edward not have enough lines? Alice not giddy enough?

Was Rosalie too quiet and you wanted to see more sass? Emmett not silly enough? Or was Aro not creepy enough for you?

Did you feel that certain parts - that should have been in the movies - were cut out?

Well, this is your chance to make Breaking Dawn in your image. You can take the lines (and emotions) from the book (or not) that you believe should be in the movie and write it into a script!!

Or if you just want to take a stab at screenwriting... test your skills out on us!

Hosted by: MarilagML, SweetVenom69, loss4words81, Littlechoo, lmbrtvll, and CourtRose

Guest Judges include: LolaShoes, Hannah81, katmom, GinnyW


All scenes must be written with a PG-13 rating.

All main characters must be canon. Non-canon pairings are permitted with secondary characters (ie Angela/Ben vs Angela/Eric or props: silver Volvo sedan vs black Volvo SUV)

Scenes must be written in script format - see link for example

Entries will include two (2) scenes. Participants can choose any scene from Breaking Dawn to write, the Challenge moderators will assign the second scene. All potential participants must fill out form to receive your prompted moderator assigned scene (see SUBMIT AN ENTRY section for form link).

Each scene can be submitted separately, but must be labeled in the header. See below for header requirements.

Participants may also submit a third entry for a R, M, MA, or NC-17 rated scene for a separate Outtake portion of the Challenge. These entries must be labeled as an outtake in the scene title. We discourage any authors under the age of 18 from submitting entries rated R/M/MA/NC-17.

Collaborations are accepted. A maximum of six (6) scenes allowed per participant.

Word count per scene should not exceed 4,000 words - including scene descriptions and directions to the characters. (This may be difficult, but hey... that's what makes this a "challenge"!) Header info and author's notes are excluded in the total word count.

Submissions will be accepted from April 30, 2010 at 12:01AM EST and end June 30, 2010 at 11:59PM EST. Sorry, but no extension on entries will be allowed.

Entries will be accepted via email to TheBDScreenplayChallenge at gmail dot com


To request a scene/chapter and participation in The Breaking Dawn Screenplay Challenge, please fill out this SCENE REQUEST FORM.

All entry submissions must be sent to TheBDScreenplayChallenge at gmail dot com. Please see below for required header details. authors will have their accepted entries posted to our Community (C2).


After the submission deadline has passed, there will be an open/public voting round featuring all accepted entries.

Open Voting will run from July 1, 2010 12:00 PM EST to July 7, 2010 11:59 PM EDT.

Once Open Voting is complete, the top 15 entries will be submitted to our judges for their decisions from July 8, 2010 to July 18, 2010

All winners will be announced Tuesday, July 20, 2010.


Please contact via email directly to TheBDScreenplayChallenge at gmail dot com with any questions. OR you can visit us over at the Twilighted thread at http:// www. twilighted. net/forum/viewtopic. php?f=48&t=9547.


Please include the title of this contest at the very top of your entry:

"The Breaking Dawn Screenplay Challenge"


Scene/Book chapter:

Author's Choice/Moderators' Choice/Outtake:

Any alternate pairings/substitutions:


Script Example (no copywriting intended)

NOTE: removes all formatting for the script example, please note this and make sure your entry is in appropriate script format.

Breaking Dawn Script Contest Template



EDWARD and BELLA are sitting hand in hand on the couch, waiting. Bella is fidgeting anxiously. She moves to pull her hand away, but Edward keeps it firmly in place, front and center.

SOUND OF CRUISER pulling in gravel driveway.


Stop fidgeting, Bella. You’re not

confessing murder, here.


Easy for you to say.

Bella silently listens for the sound of Charlie’s boots as he approaches the house. Edward whispers to Bella.


Calm down, Bella.

The front door slams unnecessarily hard against the wall and Charlie, dressed in full uniform, enters.


Hello, Charlie.

Bella nervously protests.


No! Wait until he hangs up his gun.

Edward gives Bella a crooked smile and chuckles at her unease. Charlie rounds the corner into the living room, eyes falling on Bella and Edward.


Bella. Edward. What’s going on?


We’d like to talk to you. Bella and I have some good news.

Charlie looked at Edward suspiciously.


Good news?

Bella motions to Charlie’s recliner.


Have a seat, Dad.

Charlie stiffly walks to the recliner and sits on edge.


Don’t get worked up, Dad. Everything’s fine.


Sure, Bells. That’s why you look like you’re about to pass out.

Bella makes a face and glances at Edward.


You’re pregnant, aren’t you!


What? No! Dad, no, I’m not pregnant!


Oh. (pauses) Well, then, what is it you needed to tell me?


Charlie, I realize I’m a bit out of order in doing this. Traditionally, I would have asked you first, and I mean no disrespect. So, I’m asking your blessing. Bella and I would like to get married.

Charlie’s gaze is set on Bella’s ring. She and Edward sit tensely on the couch as Charlie processes the announcement.


Well, guess I’m not all that surprised. Least you’re not pregnant. You’re sure you’re not, right?

Bella hides her face in embarrassment


Yes, Dad!


And you’re sure about this? I mean, he’s not pressuring you or anything, is he?


He’s not pressuring me to do anything. I’m completely sure about Edward.


Why are you kids in such a rush? Marriage already?


Bella and I will be attending Dartmouth together this Fall, Charlie. I’d like to do this right.

Charlie rises from his recliner and stands in front of Edward and Bella, arms crossed.


Alright, Bells. I’m not ecstatic about this, but you have my blessing. But, you have to tell your mother.


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Do you have free time? do you like dark fics? then here is the answer: write a one shot for whatever you want it to be how long it can it has to be over 1,000 words, you need it done by the end of December. It also has to be a fanfiction or one of your own it can be, non cannon, cannon couples, also winner gets, an interview, a blog spot light, also a banner or blinkie just a flashy one not an animation. So if you want to give it ago then try it!. This is a fanfiction also OOC: your own people you created it can be a one-shot or multi chapters

Want to then fill out the forum here


There will be two judges including myself so thank you for at least signing up!

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