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Bella is a Human Princess, betrothed to the Werewolf prince Jacob. She is reluctent, and then she meets Edward, a vampire prince. and secretly starts having an affair with him. What will happen?



More than Ten chaptes

original couples

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Insaneella? Or killerella? Then this is for you!


Bella's insane contest Is Open and accepting entries at this time, until September 1st. Please read the following guidelines and rules before posting or entering.


Rules And Information


According with the books, Bella is the person you would never think to snap into a serial killer, insane person. In this contest, We want to see you get creative in this brand new, one shot contest! Make Bella into a different personality, kill, torture Mike Newton. Have Bella be in a dream like state and think she is a vampire and get her submitted into a mental ward. We Want you to use your imagination.



Banners for the first place story overall, and contest banner for the winner on each category


Best Smut

Most Insane

Most dangerous killer

Worst Nightmare

Best Relationship

Best Character (Major/Minor/Original)

Most Terrifying Moment

*We reserve the right to modify number of winners based on participation*




Entries must be NEW one shots and may not be continued until after the contest is over.


Entries must revolve around an insane Bella.


Smut is encouraged but not required.


All Pairings/Characters Welcome



Up to 2 entries allowed per author


Collabs welcome (Collabs will count towards your 2 entry maximum)


Entries must be 2,500 to 15,000 words


Entries must be rated appropriately


Participants must be 18 or older.


All POV's welcome.


All genre's welcome as long as the story meets the requirements of the theme.


Hosts reserve the right to reject any entry we feel is inappropriate


Please have your one shots beta'd. No one wants to read a story with an overwhelming amount of errors. If you need help, try out some of the beta services available.


Hosts reserve the right to modify awards given based on participation.


- All pairings are welcome.


- AH/AU/Canon/Non-Canon/Slash


-You may have violence and abuse in the story just not heavy descriptions where it can send people into a panic attacks..make sure to have a warning on the A/N note.


Please DON'T submit entries with scenes of rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia.


September 1st all entries are due, 

Public Voting: Sept 1st- 15th 
Winners Will Be Announced the Following Week Through our Twitter: 17th of September. 


How to Enter:



Once your entry is ready for submission, please post it to your personal fanfiction account. After it is posted, please send us either a PM or email to let us know that you'd like your entry to be validated. Once it's validated it will be added to our C2 and officially entered into the contest. Please do not send us your entry directly, it will need to be posted to your personal account.


Introducing Your Hosts




Misfit Heartbreak author of


"We Found Love In Drugs" , "His Mate", and "MockingBird"



FemmeCullen author of

"Edella and Beward", "Hunab Ku" and "A Love Like Yours"








Categories: All Human, Twilight, Alternate Universe Characters: None

I am searching for a sad, tear jerking ending and a very dark Edward. If you are up to the challenge let me know.



1. There must be a *main* character death.

2. Cannon Pairs / One Shots OK

3. Must include how Edward and Bella met

4. Must give background on their life experiences that made them they way they are




Categories: Alternate Universe, Twilight Characters: None

What if the real reason Edward shouted at Alice upon learning that she had promised to change Bella was because you became sexual submisse to the person who changes you. In the Cullen household Carlise is the alpha and takes care of all his children and has them please him when he desires them. It is now after the newborn fight and Edward has to tell Bella how the family works and then while talking to Carlise it is decide he will change her.

I think Alice and Jasper would do as Carsile asked out of respect and desire to fit in.

Categories: Alternate Universe, Twilight Characters: None